Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters

Dozens of hours of personal cultivation bulwark of civilization forced kind to each street. Any spontaneous painful restructuring.

The city covers an enormous expanse, its services work folding mechanism, the residents happy. What to do? And then it rolls boredom. Maxis entertained us onslaught of tornadoes, earthquakes, meteors and attack the monster.

The Cities: Skylines disturb the peace and order could only floods of the curve set by the dam. No special effects and intoxication accidents. Developers of Colossal Order hurry to fix it by adding a product of natural disasters!

If you recall, in addition debut After Dark us upset sham nature of nightlife and tourism, and inSnowfall – permanent winter landscapes.

Of course, there are some useful things: beach and recreational area, a prison, a taxi, utilities, tramways, bicycles and bicycle paths. Good support for urban simulation fan, is not it? But dubious investment for those who rarely satisfied with the original and just wanted to refresh impressions.

When you create a Natural Disasters in Colossal Order took into account their mistakes and made a spectacle for the masses.

How to make the game beautiful picture? 
Game screenshots in this review are made using technology Color Correction LUT for Cities: Skylines , which significantly tighten up the picture quality to suit your preferences. LUT-neutral texture take hereand save this address – C: Users% UserName% AppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesAddonsColorCorrections. In the game settings in the “Graphics” section, put a corresponding “Parameter override color correction.” After you make your screenshot and open in your photo editor. On top place the LUT texture to change the brightness, contrast and color affects both images. Then stores the received LUT at the same address. The Steam Workshop You will find more than two hundred of these settings from the other players.

Disasters keep Mayor alert. It must be carefully planned arrangement of the city, develop drainage and dams system (according to the physics of flows), to form a plan for evacuation of the population and ensure the safety of citizens. Just lived in the Cities: Skylines ? Under the yoke of the permanent threat management complexity increases many times. At any moment it explodes idyllic natural hazard – and then the scale of destruction depend only on the work of rescue services.

No, Godzilla was not there. Just a bit of everything spiraled out of control.


Seven strength test

Alarm you will be seven disasters of natural origin: a tornado, earthquake, tsunami, meteorite fall, soil failure, forest fire and thunder. Last bothers more often. Lightning strike forms the heat source. One such somewhere on the edge of the map is easy to overlook. But he has a chance to rage and huge flames spread, sparing and urban buildings. From now on, it makes sense to form a vast network of watchtowers and controllers. To help them, added to the helicopters. But here’s the rub – for digging water lakes aviation uses. On cards without the rivers and seas will create artificial channels and reservoirs, filling them with liquid from the pumping installation (pipe discards excess of the total system).

Misfortune never comes alone. With the approach of thunderstorms should be expected not only fires, but also strong winds. In certain circumstances it formed tornado. Fujita scale is not here – all funnels through it pulled up to F4. But in fact, the power and duration vary, what early warning comes. It is the time to send people to the new municipal shelter. The storm is terrible and takes to the skies of people, cars and debris in the scorching waltz, leaving only ruins and rubble. Here special thanks to the developers for your attention to one very important detail – the complex and beautiful streets, decorations and trees are gradually being restored in its original form.