Champions of Anteria

Roots The Settlersvisible to the naked eye. This graphic style reminiscent of the previous games in the series of urban planning, and some gameplay elements inherent in the genre, and not serious enough plot and setting.

Generally, in a cheerful way we are trying to set up immediately: the intro makes it clear that the pathos of the saviors of the world will not be here, and our heroes – ordinary dolt, suddenly find themselves at the right time in the right place.

Antero liberation from the bandits and the expansion of the boundaries of the kingdom for them is akin to an ordinary brawl in a tavern, except that the opponents will be stronger than the drunks. And indeed Antero – place else.

For example, here are afraid of robbers threatening any suspicious rustle, and the local Vikings Snezhnoborodye, fighting more with a green serpent, rather than with enemies around.

Here is a funny little world and we have to win. Antero on the global map is divided into multiple regions. At first, we control only the capital, and the remaining locations occupied by forces of one of the other three belong to factions or neutral.

With each turn (strategic part of the game takes place in step mode) situation is slightly different: some areas may pass from hand to hand, and sometimes enemies encroach on our villages.

In this case, you can go to protect their native land or to give local residents an opportunity to defend themselves.

Finally, it is possible and it is necessary to attack itself, expanding its own possession. The choice of the player – line pass is not here to attack any available area, bordering already captured.

Each territory is under the control generates income in the form of gold or glory – with the first course, and the second is an analog of experience points, through which our castle and characters grow in level. In addition, it is necessary to fight and to capture the major cities of other factions, not only for resources.

The best city in the world

, however, the main source of income is still the capital. Screen settlement is a separate mode in which left something off of The Settlers .

You can build a variety of buildings for the extraction of resources, the huts of settlers finally, specialized buildings such as forges or apothecary’s shop.

Champions of Anteria game review

Tree development. If initially there is at least some diversity, the higher the level, the more often banal scheme to create a new outfit.

Capital is also divided into areas, each of which has its own characteristics, which give the bonus growth of a particular resource.

Thoughtlessly to build up all in a row is not worth it – every building can be run more efficiently or, conversely, worse, if in the same area there is the construction of a certain type.

For example, the neighborhood brewery and farm will allow the first to produce almost twice as many resources.

In general, similar to the classic “settlers” on closer examination turns out to be just outside. Where more parallels with numerous urban development “brauzerki”: once in the course went to the capital,

I spend the available resources for the construction of buildings – everything there is more to do almost nothing.

Even the ability to “enjoy the surroundings” (so advises the game itself) is not very attractive. Beautiful, especially at night, but this is not

Settlers of The : even build only on designated areas, and all of the city life – decoration. We can only sigh, imagining what could be a new part of the series, do not cancel it at the time. But what happened in the end, still not on the creation and the destruction.