Champions of Anteria

This adventure, with all the good that it has and is not little, suffers from a lack of variety in its action that in the medium term, ends up affecting in a remarkable way the gaming experience. It is fun and to some extent it is addictive, for hours you will want to play “another turn more”, but rarely the videogame of Ubisoft and Blue Bytes reaches the desired levels of qu


ality. Potential does not lack, inspiration in the design of missions… that is another sing. One with too many discordant notes. The score is good, even the melody sounds good, but it is extremely repetitive. As much as you enjoy battling bandits, monsters and soldiers of all kinds, there is a point where you get tired.


It hates to say it when we have a game that aptly combines role – playing action with certain dyes strategy and managementso typical of an emblematic saga as The Settlers. From it precisely this project is born, although it jumps out at sight, f


ollows a very different path and, why not say it, also simpler. Whether we talk about the combats, which have their crumb but not as much as we imagined, as especially in regard to the administration of resources in our v


illage, which shift after turn we will see grow with new buildings and military structures with the to defend ourselves better from enemies.

In the end, everything goes of that; to protect a group of innocents from the evil plans of conquest of a nutcase with a


large army under his command. And nothing better than a group of five heroes to carry out this mission.



Elemental affinity

We have the typical knight armed with a sword and shield, a full monk with a desire to fight, an implacable archer with arrows, a gunman, and a warrior beast capable of wielding two swords simultaneously. Each of them specializes in a different co

mbat style, but when it comes to the truth, that is what you should least worry about. In Champions of Anteria commands the elemental affinity ;
the force of nature from which the heroes draw their power, because it will determine which enemies are more effective and, of course, against which it is not convenient to measure the forces.


Champions of Anteria analysis

Only three of the five heroes will jump to the battlefield. It is important to choose with a head considering the type of enemies that await us.

The Lightning overcomes the Water and this, the Fire, which is in turn strong against the Metal, whose power is superior to that of the element Nature, and that of this, in front of the Lightning. This is how a circle of power works that is everything in this adventure of action and role. Yes, each hero has his own special abilities that play a crucial role in battles, bu


t not at the level of elemental affinity. This is the point that gives something of originality to the title of Blue Bytes, which in their fights is


much more strategic than you would imagine. You have to manage the team with a head; use the right hero against the right enemy without losing sight of their allies, who at any moment can unleash their fury by changing the elemental nature of those involved.


All the more reason why the videogame includes the option of the Tactical Pause . It is practically essential to resort to it; stop for a moment the combat, meditate the options and return to action. More if possible taking into account that there are se


veral types of potions to use, with effects of the most disparate beyond the typical healing, as well as several contraptions of war in the form of crossbows and trap that well used, can decide the course of the battles. The point is that de


spite all these options and the attractiveness of the combat system, the battles never finish reaching their maximum splendor. There are really fun fights, especially when you measure the forces against a fearsome boss, but they are also something simple and


repetitive. The challenges are always the same; there are no variables, there is not much that makes you change the strategy once you have taken the trick to the game. And it’s a shame.


Champions of Anteria PC

This is greatly influenced by the poor design of missions. Attack the enemies, conquer and defend areas, escort a wagon … there are


even tasks that in some way remind the tower defense games. How much variety! You will think. And yes, on paper it looks good, but the sensations it conveys are not so positive. It lacks epic, a greater pace of action and more origi


nal challenges because without all these elements, the video game entertains, but never goes from there, to be a simple divertimento for a co


uple of hours. Then, although you will still be interested in continuing the game to end the story that is told, you will do so reluctantly, taking these missions as an ordeal instead of that great opportunity to live a thousand and one adventures. The ideas, the tools to achieve it are there, but rarely do Champions of Anteria resort to them.


Champions of Anteria

The prestige allows us to unlock new buildings, weapons, defensive equipment, potions and other extras in a complete technological tree.

The same happens when we talk about the management of the village . We love the way he has integrated into the adventure and, above all, the importance he has when it comes to enhancing the abilities of heroes. Without a strong town, with its sho


ps, its blacksmith shop, its market and other constructions, we will not be able to face any enemies that turn after turn, will move by a big strategic mapconquering territories. It’s up to us to do the same. How we like it a lot, because Champions of Anter


ia becomes a kind of puzzle game here. Each parcel of land that we extend offers bonuses to certain resources and each building, in turn, has some peculiarities that should be taken into account to maximize its operation. An example. Creating two stonec


utter cabins in the same land will reduce their efficiency; in the same way that there are manufactures that work better far from the houses of the colonists.


Champions of Anteria PC

There are lots of buildings, also armor, combat equipment and potions to access little by little, as we unlock improvements and new re


sources with the prestige we will acquire when conquering new lands. Of these, in addition, we can obtain money and other benefits; even more if


we install watchtowers, forts and commercial areas far from the city. In short, there are options to bore. Not to the point of equating a traditional The Settlers, does not look for that either, but as if to motivate us to move forward by expanding the borders of the village.


Champions of Anteria

The Ubisoft video game is capable of the best but its big problem is that it rarely shows it with facts. The potential is there, the hours of fun are also guaranteed, so if you bet on it you will enjoy a good adventure of action and role with more than just combats. Champions


of Anteria also shows a good artistic finishwith colorful scenes, well detailed and a cast of characters with grace. Humor is important here, b


ecause it is one of the driving forces of the plot until the end of a story that includes some surprise. Some may exhaust the sarcastic tone of the commentator, but in general the jokes, his ironic comments and the description he makes of the heroics of the protagonists are funny.