Gears of War meets XCOM: new Gears Tactics gameplay videos published
Fresh News
Fresh gameplay demos and previews for the upcoming turn-based tactical game began to appear on the network Gears tactics, from game media reporters already
Sexy Hacker – Overwatch Sombra Cosplay
The cosplay model Helly Valentine recreated the original Sombra look from the Overwatch shooter. The girl published a photo shoot in her group on VKontakte.
Cute cosplay: Players recreate the images of their favorite characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Thanks to the ability to create custom clothing designs and a character editor in a life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo switch fans
Underwater Cosplay – Perky Pool Party Zoe from League of Legends
The cosplay model from South Korea, under the pseudonym Hanna, embodied the character of Zoe from the League of Legends. For shooting, she chose the Pool
Fire Sorceress – Burning Cosplay on Lina from Dota 2
Cosplayer Chan Chan presented the image on Lina from Dota 2. Pictures of the costume were published in the group of the photographer EVA –
Psycho from the Maelstrom gang – plot cosplay for the character from Cyberpunk 2077
Alexander Kuzmenkov introduced cosplay on Royce from the game Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED. He took the image of the character from the demo video
For a soldier in a war, beauty is the blood of his enemy. Female cosplay on Kratos from God of War
Cosplayer Kristina Kalinka Fox Strukova recreated the image of Kratos from the God of War series of games. The photoshoot was published in the COSPLAY
Sexy Cruiser Girl – Cosplay on Azur Lane Character
Japanese model Sophie made cosplay for the head of the royal maids Belfast from the Azur Lane mobile game. The girl posted a photo shoot on Twitter.
“Thanks for the Armor, Gordon” – brutal cosplay on Half-Life Alix Vance
Cosplayer Darina Rarog introduced cosplay to Alix Vance from the Half-Life universe. The girl did not recreate the usual character of the heroine in a
Like screenshots from the game: Belarusian cosplayer perfectly transformed into Ellie from The Last of Us: Part II
Ahead of the imminent release of the hotly anticipated The Last of Us: Part II, which is released May 29 exclusively on Playstation 4, a noticeably active

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