Between highs and lows

  Call of Duty Infinite Warfare review

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is  first-person shooter developed by the American company Infinity Ward and published by Activision . It is the thirteenth in the main game of the Call of Duty series . 

Launched under a shower of negative feedback has made a strong fan base to never give up the series and sales, after the initial collapse, seem to be back on track, tearing the first place in many countries.


So at Christmas Call of Duty still goes away like the bread and what better period if not January to get on the market the first of four additional content expected for this season?


In a nutshell, the value of production is based on the solid canons now dictated in the past years:four new maps for multiplayer and a new area for zombies, game mode still very much appreciated and much played by all users, even the most hardcore.

Let’s find out the first Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC


The first of the four maps presented in Sabotage is Dominion, the inevitable remake of one of the most popular settings in call of duty infinite warfare ps4. The old Afghan changes face to adapt to a futuristic style that does not suit her, for a result all in all forgettable. The old concept of the map was designed to give life to interesting fights over the long distance, but this revisitation distorts the original idea because of the powers granted to soldiers with new game mechanics and exoskeletons.

Through thick and thin
Through thick and thin

Faster movements, gigantic leaps and a marked possibility of shortening distances have completely changed the strategies making Dominion a map for medium-range crashes.


Certainly they remain some of the historical snipers, but they are easily circumvented and the center of the location, with space ships and wreckage scattered everywhere offering a large amount of covers behind which to shelter.


In the same way of the exteriors, even the indoor areas are uninteresting and lacking in detail, making Dominion the weakest point of the whole package. Noir on the other hand is instead a real pleasure for the eyes but it is also particularly pleasant to play. The incessant rain, which however does not alter the vision of fast fights at close range,

Noir is one of the best designed maps and more successful than Sabotage and could even check if compared directly with the locations proposed in the basic version of  call of duty infinite warfare xbox one.From the mere point of view of the gameplay Noir tries to break the patterns and the usual three-way offer proposed by the maps of Call of Dutyw is forgotten here, presenting a construction that is no longer linear and therefore rather unpredictable.


There are dozens of opportunities to surprise opponents from behind, hitting them from the sides or waiting behind the blind curves of the many corridors.


At the center of the playing area is the usual hot nerve point, a hotbed of deadly fights that accompany the entire duration of the match. Another map with a winning construction, even if the most classic flavor is Reinassance.


The map takes as the setting of Venice and the desire to simulate Ezio Auditore and climb the buildings as in an Assassin’s Creed any really high. Unfortunately, the limited climbing capabilities of our RIGS bring us down to earth, but that allows us to observe the care taken in the construction of the dozens of shops and restaurants that flank the warmer areas with some particularly cared interior, able to give an excellent glance.


Reinassance is a small and cross-channel map, and narrow lanes offer few opportunities for maneuver, again favoring the players with the best reflexes, especially as regards the public matchmaking where the team strategy is put in the background. able to give an excellent glance.


Reinassance is a small and cross-channel map, and narrow lanes offer few opportunities for maneuver, again favoring the players with the best reflexes, especially as regards the public matchmaking where the team strategy is put in the background. able to give an excellent glance.


Reinassance is a small and cross-channel map, and narrow lanes offer few opportunities for maneuver, again favoring the players with the best reflexes, especially as regards the public matchmaking where the team strategy is put in the background.


Neon, fourth and last map of Sabotage has several points in favor but also several against.The idea above all is not particularly original and the virtual simulation of a gunfight has already been proposed in many other shooter, even in previous chapters of Call of Duty.


The targets hit, instead of dying, dematerialize before your eyes in an explosion of colored polygons but also the setting that surrounds you provides a dangerous sense of déjà vu. The idea of ​​redigitalizing the cars after their explosion is a nice touch of class but it really can not save an idea that knows a lot about laundering.


There are few winning ideas for what concerns level design, a situation that excessively flattens the combat experience for a simple final comment: forgettable.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It is back in the Second World War with the review of Call of Duty: WWII

 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare zombies

Acquaintance with the park spaceland we begin with its gate, the first location in which the characters appear. Immediately we find there many clues. Dialogues of heroes, in which there is talk about the fact that you need to turn on electricity. Well, the most important clue is the map of the park, on which we can see the locations of all knife switches, portals, and perkomatov.Znachki (lightning, portal, candy).


1) Finding all the switches and where to find an improver.

On the map there are only 5 switches and 5 portals. after including each of them and the passage into the portal, the main portal is activated, which we find after opening the first zone. It is this main portal that is the passage to the optimizer.

1 switch we find immediately at the first location in one of the rooms, on the wall.


The 2 switch will be located in the space after opening two zones. The switch will be in the corridor behind the pad.

After turning on, you need to go back a little to the portal. It needs to be activated on the panel side by side, after which it will be active for a while.

3 switch will be in the same part, but you need to go to the right side and open there is also a new zone (game library). Switch we find almost immediately he will be around the corner near the portal.

After turning on, we also activate the portal through the panel and teleport.

4 switch we find in the polar peak will need to open 2 zones, when we climb to the top of the souvenir shop we will see a switch

After activation we go down to the sovereign store and activate the portal through the panel and teleport

The last 5 switches we find in the location kepler system also open the two zones. We find the switch not far from the portal, climbing the ladder.

As before we return to the portal and do all the same actions.

Activating all of the above, we are shown a passage to the optimizer, the passage to it is in the portal portal from which we always left after teleportation.

4 circles above this portal show us the activated portals in other locations, if they all are glowing blue, the passage is open.

2) Activation of the robot N31L

When we enter the first open zone, we see the body of a robot without a head. His head is very easy to find, she will lie before the bridge in the  polar peak.

We take his head and go back to the rest of his part, put his head in his place.

The robot turns on and starts giving us tasks, after each task is given tickets and the test scale is also filled. After completing all the tasks, we approach the robot and can interact with it. Activate, the robot flies to the sky and then returns with the DJ, which for a while helps us fight off the zombies. At the end of time the robot again flies away taking the DJ back and returns to its place. Now to continue the execution of the test with the robot, you need to find a batraya.

There are two places where she can lie, both are in the kepler system


We assign the battery to the robot and start to perform its tasks again. After execution, the same cycle is repeated. After the return, the robot needs an OS update and we need to find a floppy disk.

There are 2 locations of this diskette. Both are located on the lower floors of the spaceland, in which there are 3 entrances. The nearest entrance will be in the journey into space.


The most important thing! The script on the appearance of a battery and a floppy disk is triggered only when the robot requests one or the other.