Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The moment has come. As every year, the Call of Duty saga   presents its new release, with which it aims to beat its own financial records and stay the entire


Christmas season at the top of the sales charts. Making the numbers and figures aside, the game has one of the strongest and largest communities in the market, which guarantees the success of the product beyond what the company is inspired behind it. On this occasion,  Infinity Ward. A remodeled and virtually unrecognizable

Cossacks 3


Infinity Ward. It is a phenomenon before which the players attend indifferent, waiting for the moment in which, in its journey to the edge of the abyss,

Yomawari Night Alone

the franchise stumbles and the bubble explodes, to see how it adopts novelties of a technical and playable level as we experienced with the  Modern Warfare and  Black Ops series  on


PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. After all,  Call of Duty it has become by its own merits an industry giant. A giant lazy and in recent years anodyne, which costs him to surprise and dazzle as before. Despite this, it usually shows a high level easily, and its weight and


importance make its decisions and proposals are assimilated and adopted by the sector, which responds with a proliferation and diaspora of  first person shooters that try to emulate its formula , in most cases without success.

However, we will have to wait. Infinite Warfare  will not be that stumbling , it is not the beginning of an inevitable fall that will revitalize the genre. The title is presented with one of the best campaign modes of the series in the last five years, with unexpected


new approaches, and consolidates the zombie mode with the first map of the developer, a real wonder full of nuances and additions.


Perhaps its biggest flaw is the little daring and brazenness of its multiplayer mode, which reminds and knows too much  Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 , even incorporating new modes and polishing details in the movements of the characters.


A solid cocktail that incorporates in its special edition and as a finishing touch the remastering of one of the most lauded games in the series:


Modern Warfare , forming one of the most interesting and succulent chapters in a long, long time. A new chapter that today we intend to crumble thoroughly in the present analysis.

The best campaign mode in years

The campaign mode   of  Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes us  back to the future. A future in which, as space colonization spread, the nations of the world formed, in order to control travel and intergalactic trade, the United Nations


Space Alliance (whose acronym in English compose UNSA). In the same way, to maintain peace in space and protect UNSA, all the countries of the world contributed to form the Organization of the Associated Solar Treaty (SATO), to which our protagonist belongs:


Nick Reyes. After a devastating attack to the Earth carried out by the Colonial Defense Front, a fascist power against the UNSA and


composed of brutal and violent radicals hardened by the extreme conditions of the planets in which they hide, Reyes will become Lieutenant


Captain and will be at the controls of  Retribution , one of the last warships on our planet. Leading the remaining forces of the allied coalition, you must fight and put an end to an implacable enemy.

Broadly speaking, this is the story presented by Infinity Ward on this occasion. Written by  Brian Bloom  (in charge of the script of the


latest film adaptation of the adventures of Team A and known as an actor for his role in audiovisual works of the caliber of  Once Upon a Time in America ),


it is not his first participation in the industry, who has contributed in an innumerable list of titles:  Battlefield Hardline ,  Batman: Arkham Knight ,  Dragon Age: Inquisition ,  Evolve ,


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void ,  Sunset Overdrive ,  Titanfall ,  Wolfenstein: The New Order  and The Old Blood ,  XCom 2 … A list, as we said, innumerable, that would never end. Plagued with clichés and topics, the truth is that  the plot works .