Animal Crossing and StarCraft inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame – review addiction

New York National Museum The strong named four games that have earned a place in the Video Game Hall of Fame this year. it Animal crossing, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Starcraft and Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Freedom of action and low stakes were named the main attraction of Animal Crossing, thanks to which the game series attracted people of all genders and ages. This was especially evident during the coronavirus pandemic, when people locked in quarantine sought good-neighborly communication, and they found this in the freshest part. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been known for nearly four decades, since 1982, for realistic and intuitive recreation of real-life aircraft. At the same time, advanced programming capabilities are hidden behind simplicity and accessibility. which made the series the most popular, durable and most significant flight simulator.

With StarCraft, the company Blizzard Entertainment took the real-time strategy genre to new heights. StarCraft has received several Game of the Year awards and has significantly influenced subsequent games in the genre. On its basis, novels, graphic novels, licensed toys, clothes and gaming accessories are created.

Educational and entertainment series Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? we are not so widely known, but based on its motives on American Public Broadcasting produced a popular TV program, and on Netflix an animated series comes out.

This time, the rest of the nominees did not get into the Hall of Fame: Call of duty, Farmville, FIFA International Soccer, Guitar Hero, Mattel football, Pole Position, Portal and Tron

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