Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

I have nothing against the fact that there is not a single player in the game.

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Besides the first Black Ops, there was no iteration to say something about the narrative thread, so there was nothing in my mind, nothing happened.


You can remove a single player from Call of Duty, but you, of course, can not get a multiplayer game that will remain unchanged and true to the series.

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Now you do not think that something has happened, and the game has undergone significant changes when it comes to multiplayer games.

This is the same gameplay and weapon with all kinds of weapons, from assault rifles to SMG, LMG and sniper rifles.

There are weapons for players of any type.

For example, I have a weakness for sniper rifles, but in Call of Duty I can’t feel as good as Battlefield, perhaps my inability to adapt to the game.

Therefore, I return to what is going on, SMG and automata.

We have new maps and game modes, but also things that were caught by Black Ops 4 and stayed there, for example, Nuketown, the iconic map of this game.

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In addition, we still have some old operators (Ruin, Seraph, Firebreak) who decided to visit the monitor screens, but also invited other friends to meet with us (Ajax, Recon).

From my point of view, the multiplayer game Black Ops 4 is a swamp with a different hat.

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Salt and pepper in addition to the meat that I have tried so many times that it at least reached me. Of course, I will try this game, but just warming up for Blackout.



As we are talking about Blackout, this Battle Royale, which came from nowhere, is an important addition to the series.

The reason is very simple. It is clear that the world is no longer playing alone, or … please tell me that this is not so much an experience as a multiplayer one, but there are people like me who are tired of both experiences.

Therefore, the decision to put the Battle Royale is not a bad move, as it brings a new breath not only to Black Ops 4, but to the whole Call of Duty buzz.

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For those who have played Battle Royale in their lives, Blackout follows a classic recipe, namely.

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You and other dozens of people are thrown into the area, and you have to fight to the last person or the last team left.

The difference comes in the style of the game, which runs and the guns.

But depending on where you are on the map (more privately or action) will either give you a multiplayer classic experience or a snake experience in the grass who is just waiting to bite you.

To avoid biting envelopes, it is advisable to find fast armor and some bandages, medicament kits, and injury kits.

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I found it interesting that in addition to these classic elements of healing.

We also have temporary, widespread benefits that will wake you up.

With their help, you can no longer make noise when moving through a reed or a ladder.

Or you can take a bigger breath by shooting your sniper or knowing exactly when someone is pulling you.

Almost every one of them has utility for a particular situation where you can find yourself.

And they can vary depending on where you are on the map.

You must bear in mind that because of these benefits, there is always an alternative.

For example, if you are on the Construction site, where the wrong move will lead you underground because of the damage you take.

Of the enemies who seek to give you only bully mobility.

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Any weapon you do not appear at a distance.

You could risk using the privilege and go off with life.

Jumping off buildings against the fight, someone uses only fists.

This is just one of dozens of situations where you can be.

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This is what H1Z1 might be if someone else worked, but this is an arcade that falls under your skin and does not let you go because it has certain elements, such as the map you are urging them to explore.

Each main area of ​​the game is represented by a Black Ops 4 card.

So we have Nuketown, Array, Asylum, Factory.

Of all the funniest ones, there were areas where you dealt with zombies.

This little ride will take you out of the Royale bubble and lead you into a fun zone for a few seconds.

Some areas also have a specific theme, such as the Refuge.

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Where you now have the impression that your prankster is behind the curtain.

Thus, these small changes, besides the fact that they wear well in the arcade mode of the game.

Make you really enjoy the experience.

But let’s not bother him too much.

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But Blackout has some rather annoying bugs.

Such as the last game an unbearable mistake,which was in some way.

You could not rob directly on enemies or teams, and, oddly enough.

Most of the time that was taken did not work well.

Since we are talking about mining.

I think that for the first time I need to adjust my control scheme in the game.

Because I am a little behind the inventory system.

Healing equipment or perks are not stacked up.

So you must be careful that you shoot down a weapon (only two numbers) also have attachments.

And if you want to change something you must quickly go from one tab to another.

Blackout is a serious opponent for Battleground PlayerUnknown. Although the rhythm is different.

The two games are part of the same spectrum.the Battle Royale.

As eSports, I do not think it will be successful.

Not because of the players, but because of the public.

It is very difficult to watch a game with dozens of people on the battlefield.

Therefore, the attention of the audience should be carefully monitored and directed to those battles or scenarios that have the greatest potential to keep them moving,

In general, a good gaming experience.

Which I hope will be rewarded only by a large amount of content in the near future.

Otherwise, he is likely to suffer the same fate as H1Z1, but without F2P.


I reached the last point, namely Zombies gameplay plays me no less, probably because I played a bunch of Left 4 Dead.

I mean hundreds of hours, therefore, experiencing associated with this category, does not really attract me.

However, it never stops telling you about my short adventure in a zombie.

Scarlett Rhodes, daughter Alistair Rhodes wants to know what happened to her father.

But to achieve this goal you must first fight with endless zombie hordes who are not only her way.

But companions are Bruno, Diego and Stanton.

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The charm of this type of game is preserved by the interaction between the characters and the characters through various responses.

And the cards make a big contribution to saving this.

Which makes Zombie a part of every Call of Duty Black Ops.

We go to the arena of the Colosseum.

Whose viewers rush to broken heads and bloodied bodies to utlimele moments before they ever stay at the bottom.

To successfully complete each mission, you must use the weapons, privileges, elixis, and talents that you have before.

You can still go to the weapon,but the remaining 3 items can not be changed after the start of the game.

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The goal is survival before hordes of zombies, not individual heroism.

So you need to constantly communicate with your teammates to make the best decision.

Otherwise, you take it from scratch every time.


Initially, I was skeptical of another Call of Duty because Infinite Warfare and WW2 gave me a bitter taste.

I felt like Mason, and someone shouted at him: “What do the numbers mean ?!”

No longer had the strength needed to further digest another game, the gameplay was repetitive and boring.

But here again Black Ops 4, which makes me I am mistaken in CoD .

But I have to be honest. If the game had only a multiplayer component.

This review was likely to be much shorter and more acidic.

It remains to be seen what Treyarch will do next. What will they focus on?

I think you should beat the iron while it is hot.

So more resources are directed at Pass the Battle Zombies and multiplayer Blackout and not so much to convince more people to buy.

Even me, if he is satisfied, to earn the price of the game again.