By Kerbal Space Program announces Balsa Model Flight Simulator – review

Felipe “HarvesteR” Phalange, who became famous thanks to the space simulator Kerbal Space Program, recently founded a new studio Floating Origin. And now showedwhat she is working on: the game designer is making another flight simulator. But this time – in the troposphere.

Balsa model flight simulator got its name thanks to the balsa tree, which is used in aircraft modeling due to its lightness and strength. This is what we have to do in the game: to create the design of aircraft models, build them and test them.

In the built-in editor, players will be able to select the details of aircraft and connect them. The finished model can be painted to taste and decorated with decals. And then lift it into the air, while using a realistic physical model.

In the story campaign, aircraft manufacturers have to perform a series of tests on various maps. And in multiplayer, up to 16 virtual pilots can fight in the airy analogue of paintball.

Game will be released in early access Steam in the summer of 2023. The creators promise full support for custom modifications, including mission editor. And over time, players will also be able to build helicopters, aircraft with vertical take-off, rockets and other aircraft.