Buy Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water, and the author will drink a glass of water – review

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Independent French Canadian Studio Bmc announced that May 1 in early access Steam another experimental game comes out. It is called Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water, and its meaning is explained in the title.

Each time someone buys Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water, studio founder Alain Lagas will shoot a video about how he drinks another glass of water and add it to the game. At the start, the whole game will consist of three clips, but the creators will release updates weekly.

Judging by the chosen method of marking each purchase, the authors of the game do not expect particularly high sales, because otherwise the life of the head of the studio will be in jeopardy.

Bmc Studio and previously released unusual experimental games. In particular, FMV adventures There Is A Genie In My Szechuan Sauce, Dabman: When the Haters Dab Back and Zombitatos the end of the Pc master race. Coronavirus pandemic inspired studio to release cough simulator Coughing Simulator 2020.
All BMC games can be bought in a kit called I’m not good at naming things, but it’s a bundle for 545 rubles.

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