The adaptation of Life is Strange has not been canceled – now the popular singer Shawn Mendes is working on it

Announced by the company Legendary Pictures in 2016 a serial adaptation of the game Life is Strange is still in development, and according to the publication The hollywood reporter, renowned Canadian singer and songwriter joined the show as a composer Shawn Mendes

A production company is also involved in the production of the series based on the first part of Life is Strange. Anonymous Contentinvolved in the creation of the popular drama show “13 reasons why“.

There are spoilers in the trailer

The approximate timing of the show’s release has not yet been announced. Meanwhile, a full-fledged third game in the lineup called Life is Strange: True Colors… She will debut 10 September on consoles and PC… In addition, the release is scheduled for early 2022 Life is Strange: Remastered Collection – an updated version of the first game.

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