Bus Simulator 16

Transport boom

is not surprising that carried away by transport enthusiasts built the whole game studio. There are many, there are outstanding leaders. For example, the German TML Studios several years creating high-quality simulations covering several subway lines in New York, London and Berlin.

The developers of virtual assets listed and ground public transport with trams, trolleybuses, buses and more San Francisco model. The SCS Software is also a long time did not stop polishing the excellent Euro Truck Simulator 2 – the world’s best domestic follower “Power 2” . Creator of the famous aviasimov X-Plane 10 , Aerosoft GmbHToday popular for bus hardcore simulator simulators OMSI 2 .

Now in operation for years formed wedged rookie. Austrian team Stillalive Studios after action adventure Son of Nor visited Muse, and developers have created a simulation of the bus driver Bus Simulator 16 . Yes, not simple, but with elements of strategy and economic system (albeit primitive) that distinguishes it from the list of typical clones OMSI. Players will have to earn money in an old bus. Sly retired Ben (in Russian localization for some reason the name Peter), we fused the fading business trip. But the prospects are quite good. There are no competitors, and who want to get from the suburbs to the center does not count. Just think, it is necessary sometimes to kick the door jammed …

Chief, stop here, please!

And there is. Having received the “barn on wheels”, will have to put up with problems until then, until you save up for something ponadezhnee (total in the game are six units of rolling stock). There is just and the mayor is going to subsidize successful carriers – the job instantly appears in the list. According to the conditions required to extend an existing route, and ride on it with no complaints from passengers. Instead given a brand new bus. As luck would have it on the first independent trip fall day.

Ben (aka Peter) warned about the crowds of tourists. They do not travel, so reckon the change in cash. But the time is coming, schedule flies in the tube! Where is your school math there? “Turn to 10 euros for a standard ticket, please” – asked the lady at the entrance. What is a ticket?

After a few master the problems with counting cash no longer occurs. “Stuffed” in a special unit and delivery tickets.

On passenger complaints have instant response. Malomobilnyh set ramp. Drunken raspoznaom still in the doorway. Clients of elated, barely noticing logo favorite carrier. So things went uphill. It remains to increase the route network but to hire more drivers.

And to inspire employees competent management, of course. But also can not do without the sticks in the wheels.

Problems in business occur suddenly and ill-considered decisions easily push the company into bankruptcy. Often it is necessary to turn the steering wheel, and himself, to learn a new line to regain the trust of passengers or to show a master-class employees.

The passengers are surprised when the driver comes to a stop with them.

And what is the bus?

Bus Simulator 16 – is an attempt to make OMSI «all», that is a kind of an introduction to a specific genre. In contrast, the German trainer simulator there is no complex control system while taking advantage of the entire keyboard, not have to learn to drive a real bus for a video on the Internet more players to adjust to the complex physical model of the game.

Now your only enemy – right turns in the narrow streets of the city where it is easy to touch the pedestrian or post with traffic lights loin notorious “bunching.”

And time. Schedule should not be forgotten, even if the passenger is almost ran. Everything else being developed for a study tour.

Simplicity, attention to detail (down to stop the call, answerphone and radio), the approach to the management style of economic policies and the unpredictability of each trip in Bus Simulator 16 seduce simulation fan. For this reason, the game on Steam, give a lot of approval ratings. But Stillalive Studios did not care about the main thing – about the appearance.

Cloned building coexistence turbid and clear textures, unsightly patterns and strange animation passers spoil the good impression. It seems that a little more, and the developers woulda worked perfectly and Bus Simulator 16 could be recommended as a model representative of the genre.

Not grown together with the declared multiplayer mode to thirty-two players. During the announcement it seemed to me that they will be able to again become competitive in a common city. Organize transport mafia or organize races for the passengers, trying not to kill anyone in the process. In practice, you vyzvanival friends from Steam and create routes tyuninguete buses, chat and so on.

The process, including the transportation of people, no different from the “singles”. In fact, you just pass it to one another save. As additional entertainment are invited to perform other people’s contracts. I wonder who will want to participate

Bus Simulator 16 game review

Megapolis is quite large. In the screenshot – The fifth part of the suburbs and residential neighborhoods.