Bro bro for – not your brother’s brother

According to local mythology, Broforce – a team of professionals to address the problems, which works for the US government. Squad gathered the best of the best: Rambro, Bro Dredd, Snake Broskin , Brobocop and so on – only about thirty people.

I think, to decipher the names do not need to: the heroes of the most provocative and crazy militants, with both of the eighties, as well as from the present day. Among the obvious parodies like Machete (Brochete) and Bond (Double Bro Seven), there are more “kinomanskie”: the protagonist of the film “The Rocketeer” or Cherry Darling of “Planet of fear”, set itself the machine instead of the legs. Yes, Bro – it’s not gender, it’s a state of mind.

The coolest team gets together to protect the world from the forces of evil in any of their manifestations, be it terrorism, aliens or even Satan himself. Their helicopter is traveling on the global map (in the shape of the earth ball) and drops off the heroes in high-risk regions.

In this style of all, what can generally be style, absolutely flawless. Starting with a voiceover that even the simplest phrase furiously screaming (REST IN PEACE, BRO !!!!!) . The game just oozes testosterone and coolness. Title sequence, in the spirit of the old animated cartoons, music, consisting solely of guitar solos – it’s not even mockery and parody, as a kind of declaration of love classics. Broforce a year before Kung Fury accurately grasped the fashion for all the old and ridiculously peasant.

If you are unsure whether or not worthy Broforce purchase, you can try it free copy – of The Expendabros . This is a small demo version with absolutely the same gameplay, but a unique set of levels and characters of film “The Expendables 3”. The game was released to the premiere of the film in theaters. Funny publicity stunt, but if you think about anything surprising: the film is something exactly the same thing.


Broforce game review

Like Pokemon. Collect them all!


To hit a little style, but the gameplay here does not fail. The possibility of playing for the Terminator to destroy the whole level to the ground – is not happiness? Even in the two-dimensional arcade.

At first glance Broforce pretends to be the most common cooperative platformer: we have only three action buttons (shot, beat and destructive superpriom) plus the ability to jump through the levels and climb the steep wall. At first everything goes well – the game starts with only one Rembro, whose gun is quite negligible damage, so the damage is not that so much.

The goal of each level – to get to the opposite edge of the card, the red devils to kill there in a suit, raise the American flag and fly a helicopter. Along the way it is desirable to blow the maximum number of barrels (that carry location) to destroy the maximum number of terrorists and die itself.

A safe and secure it is a more or less concealed passage. Enemies very inattentive and see the player, but if he gets right on the line of fire. Therefore, jumping across rooftops or shoot through a tunnel under the ground – very probable course of events. Often, the level design itself to such hints that something: the fortress are several loopholes, through which you can work your way, and do not always come right through the front door. But so boring!

Much steeper and more fun lomanut through the main entrance, shooting everything in its path and arranging kiloton explosion. The only problem is that the hero is killed by any butting – shots accidentally hurt drums, who arrived from nowhere cylinders create thousands of dangerous situations.

Character for whom you start the level, randomly selected from the available list. On the whole stage given only one life, which for the passage strongly enough. To earn the right to die once, you need to find and release the prisoner sitting in a cage. But once you do, your active character will change again, and then have to play in a new way.

Broforce game review

We have to liberate and Youkraine, but to use the screen shot I did not even venture to …

The thing is that all the characters are different from each other. Bronan Barbarian only knows how to beat the sword, besides slowly; This is exactly the case when it is better to hide and to dig underground tunnels to the next prisoner. After all, there you may be given Brommando with a huge rocket launcher, every shot of which carries just nine blocks around. What sort of stealth!