Brick on brick in the review of LEGO Ninjago

On the other hand, the title Warner Bros would have had the credentials to receive endless expansions, with unlimited game worlds and huge possibilities given all the combinations of existing characters. Evidently we were wrong. In fact, alongside LEGO Dimensions, which in the meantime seems to be in bad waters, all those titles that have made the saga famous continue to come out, but to saturate a market that now has dozens of iterations.


We’ve come to the point that LEGO video games no longer need to draw inspiration from the famous films, like Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Marvel films, but that come to our consoles proposing experiences borrowed directly from the big screen LEGO films. 


After LEGO the Movie, then, on the major platforms, the LEGO Ninjago movie is also included: Video Game, a title ready to exploit the film’s marketing and proposing the adventures seen at the cinema in an interactive way on the living room screen. Will something have changed?

Brick on brick in the review of LEGO Ninjago


Of all the LEGO brands, Ninjago is probably, together with Nexo Knights, the one that has the least appeal to over-grown children traveling in their thirties, and has instead met with great success on the very young audience. The story in this case wants six Ninja boys to be called to defend the city of Ninjago from the terrible Lord Garmadon,


the usual ruthless bad guy eager to raze anything in front of him. The plot of LEGO Ninjago the Film: Video Game is rather banalotta as you will have well understood and distances itself from that view at the cinema in many ways, making it even lighter and more


light-hearted. If in fact on the film, as it was for LEGO the Movie, there are several interesting readings to be done on several levels, arriving in digital version all the most serious and profound nuances are lost, leaving only the most frenetic action and the most obvious jokes to find fertile ground for growth. Not that we expected a new The Last of Us, let’s be clear, but we have seen how


LEGO productions can give much more in this area and we are sorry to see a diminished work that instead deserves quite another fate.In 2017, after we do not even know how many LEGO titles reviewed, still find the usual gags based on hidden pigs, fish in the face and flying bananas is not exactly the maximum fun and we feel the need for an evolution for this type of humor that really does not want to know about it.


The story is not even told in an excellent way taking the highlights of the film and placing them between one level and another without worrying about connecting them sensibly. In short, we find a mega bigino in the film, whose vision is absolutely recommended before embarking on the adventures of the game, to be able to find again during the narration.


Perhaps we ask too much for a title designed for a very young audience or for families who want to spend a few afternoon together but we like to emphasize how, even at this juncture, you could have much more with very little extra effort. LEGO Ninjago: The Film Video Game is probably the most beautiful LEGO title to see and we rarely happened to observe cities so laden with bricks and buttons to collect even if the