Steep’s review: Road to the Olympics


Even if you put Steep aside for the whole summer, maybe even with something more appropriate to the Saharan temperatures this year, you have nothing to worry about: Road to the Olympics, once installed, is easily distinguished from all contents earlier, taking the right place in Steep’s global globe.


From the practical menu you can thus arrive with a few clicks to the mountains of Asia and the challenges set for the occasion. The new DLC, as we said at the beginning, however, lays its foundations on a far more linear development proposing as a main experience the dream of a perfect stranger to become triple


Olympic gold in the PyeongChang competition of 2018. You will then start a whole series of sequential challenges on board the snowboard that will take you to learn the basics and tricks to impress the public and the jury in the various categories available. It goes from Big Air to freestyle passing obviously from races in the halfpipe, for a variety that is definitely not the strong point of the package.


The beauty of Steep remains engraved in the ability to move freely around the mountains, to fly with our suit the snowy expanses or to invent new trajectories every time, while in this last vision everything is reduced to elementary competitions and structured in a fairly superficial.There are in fact a couple of elements that we just could not digest, first of all the decision to maintain pre-established figures for the results of the other contenders in the race.


Each challenge has in fact a fixed value to be overcome, passed off as a result of the score reached by your opponents, but which in reality represents only a mere number to beat. So the sense of real and real competition vanishes and you get caught up in what is actually a simulation of a real race, completely snatching the main challenge component: the unpredictability, and with this even a large part of the emotions .


In Road to the Olympics regardless of the result of the heats, you will always start last with the already good ranking that you have prepared and, even more seriously, already from the first session you will know if the session is in your hands or if it suits you directly repeat the challenge.


It happened to us once more to make an amazing score at the first shot and to descend the other descents in a straight line just to quickly cut the finish line, aware that artificial intelligence would never have beaten our result: a decision that we can not promote .

We return to the snow with the review of Steep: Road to the Olympics


If it is therefore true that the competition itself leaves the time it finds and is going to run out in about three or four hours, the packaging with which it is presented is still of a good standard.


The story and the progress of our adventure are told through the use of interviews with the true champions of skiing and snowboarding, which tell the various emotions experienced and what it really means to participate in such a competition.


The whole atmosphere is excellent and it is a pity that it is then the gameplay not to satisfy. In this particular mode, then forget your precious wacky clothes worn during the main adventure: here you are at the Olympics and there is no way that an elk head or a trunk on the shoulders can make their appearance on the official tracks. Road to the Olympics is therefore a


DLC that tries to take itself more seriously than the adventure offered by Steep, succeeding only in part. It is certainly something new but we are not sure that it can be appreciated by all the players of the old guard, also due to a price not properly appropriate to the proposed content.Fortunately, the DLC also brings many interesting things, especially when the challenge returns to be placed in the hands of the players and the disciplines begin to vary more.