Blue Reflection

Developed for both PS4 and PC (will only come in digital version through Steam), this JRPG presents a cast of players consisting only of females and a script that results in the problems and problems that young people face today … but from the Japanese point of view and also spiced up by a very classic fantastic component of the JRPG adventures.


The main protagonist is Hinako Shirai , a high school student who arrives at a new institute called Hoshinomiya Girls . This place becomes overnight salvation in all their problems, physical and psychological, since this


girl went from being a child star for her fitness as a dancer to absolute ostracism as a result of an accident that damaged a of his knees. Dejected and discouraged, the plot follows the evolution of this young woman during her stay at the institute, a place that will change her life completely given that she will become a Reflector .



Power rings

Almost nothing else, Hinako is dressed by a ring that gives her a special power: change dimension and appearance . Its mission as Reflector consists of maintaining the existing balance between the real world and the one known as The Common , an alternative dimension that is conformed by the subconscious of humanity.


Blue Reflection analysis

The title has its origin in the institute Hoshinomiya Girls, place in which passes much of the plot.

This dimension is composed of four zones (Fear, Pain, Happiness and Hate) in which it is possible to go to stop, places that are full of enemies of singular forms and aspects. These entities come to be the “crystallization” of the common problems


of the people as well as the characters that we meet during our day to day inside the institute, rivals that are called Sephiroths . And as you are already suspecting, our goal is to alternate between the real world and The Common to advance in history, for which it is necessary to establish a relationship with a multitude of characters and, of course, fight against said adversaries.


Blue Reflection PC

The Common world is an alternative reality that is composed of the global unconscious of humanity.

A playable level is a fairly traditional JRPG. The strong point is his personality

Hinako is not alone in her mission and has the help of two students of the institute and classmates, the twins Yuzu and Lime , also Reflecting and possessing their corresponding ring. Throughout the adventure it is possible to get to know a lot of secondary characters and dialogue with them (or they, rather, since they are all girls), conversations that take place in

 Japanese with English subtitles as was predictable in such a game. niche as Blue Reflection is. The conversations and relationships that we are engaged in throughout the game are very important, being one of its main components, to the point that several of its sub episodes have to do only with reinforcing these relationships.


Blue Reflection

Blue Reflection PC

During turn-based battles we can use the Overdrives and chain several special attacks in a row.

But the crux of the adventure also focuses a lot on what happens in the dimension The Common, a place where it is necessary to fight a multitude of battlesthat take place in turns . In the upper part appears the classic Timeline that is usually pres


ent in many of these role productions and that clearly shows the turn of each of the characters that come together in each contest. Without being the best system I’ve ever enjoyed in a game like this, the truth is that it is quite solid and allows us to perform the classic actions that these productions always bring us, from making special attacks to request reinforcements or carry out the enhanced actions called Overdrive .


As we fight and recover the precious fragments , which come to be memories of people, we gain experience and power, being able to improve the skills from the corresponding menu interface, screens that by the way are quite clear and “stylish”.


From the point of view related only to the gameplay, Blue Reflection is a fairly traditional JRPG and hardly brings anything new that we have not played and enjoyed before. And also at certain times the course of the adventure is too slow. B


ut in my opinion, its “package”, its orientation towards the female adolescent audience and its way of presenting the story are clearly separated from the usual, endowing this adventure with a strong personality that becomes one of its main characteristics.