Blood tits

If you browse the social message boards of many of your friends or followers or as you call them on any social network, you will find that they are dominated by news and jokes trash. Some can be fun, others less, but it does not matter. Usually even those who make continuous appeals at the end of the degradation on the web is not far behind and fills his days of rubbish, published for the lol, or to get a laugh.


The author of Bloody Boobs must have thought he could get a decent success by making a trash title with protagonists of the poorly dressed girls, and so it was.


It will not sell millions of copies, but has already placed enough and has been shared and commented, so as to be worthy of media attention. It costs very little (three euros at full price), it speaks of it very badly, and yet it has not been ignored as it deserves. Obviously the tits work and the desire to appear friendly and politically incorrect turns many into easy prey of the silly commercial operations.


We tried Bloody Boobs, a really ugly game. But really so. Do not you believe it?


The third-person action adventure by Eduard Bulashov, announced some time ago , tells about captivating girls imprisoned for being sacrificed to an ancient god. That’s all. No, we are not avoiding to anticipate who knows what plot twists. The substance is really all here.

Blood tits
Face life in tanga. An interesting philosophy.

We’ll talk later. Before starting a game you have to create your avatar, choosing the hair, the size of the breast, the dress (if we want to call it), the color of the skin and little else. The clothes are actually two provocative costumes that seem to come straight out of a porn, while the rest of the editor offers very few choices compared to what one would expect from such stuff.


There is also the possibility of disguising girls with a paper bag on their heads. But this is how much. This is all about the most successful part of Bloody Boobs. Unfortunately, however, you can also start playing. Here would have been useful a good bug blocker of those that send you the PC in jelly preventing you from continuing, but the game started normally and we ended up with the newly created girl, called nicely Pompinia.


Inside a muffle and dusty dungeon. We looked around for possible interactions, but nothing, so we took the only corridor available and we started to test the controls, explained by a screen at the start of the game (which remains on the screen for three seconds) and not configurable. Our she can walk, run or crawl.There, we think of some stealth system, but this is not the case. 


That is, the stealth system should be there, but it does not work. All you have to do is not to be seen by enemies, it does not matter if you run or crawl. In fact, to be honest, going slow may prove counterproductive. So go ahead and find out what you can do in this maze.