BlizzCon 2017: Moira and Blizzardworld are the news of Overwatch

Moira came

In practical terms, Moira is a support , more precisely a healer. Character design is interesting, as always very attentive and functional. The androgynous and mysterious look is remarkably appreciated, as well as the great attention the art team has placed in creating hand movements that, as for Zenyatta and Doomfist, become very important in terms of expressiveness and dynamism.

His “mouthpiece” is Biotic Grasp. From the hands, Moira can cure allies with the left button, and absorb energy from enemies with the right focus of the right button. Interestingly, the treatment took the first affected ally, making it the most effective treatment. Secondary fire affects a single person, and, depending on the video, it may have a light, assisted look that engages the target shot.
Biotic Orb is the first skillof Moira, which works similarly to its primary and secondary focus. After summoning the ball, you can launch it with the left or right button. In the first case, the ball bounces for a while, treating the allies to which it is approaching, where in th
is case also slows the speed of movement in the presence of allies. In the second case, the ball bounces and damages multiple targets within the area.
Fade is an escape skill that remembers a bit of Sombra’s escape and Reaper’s form of spectrum (further confirmation of the theory above), m
aking Moira a difficult opponent to break down and pursue.
Finally, the ultimate ability, Coalescence. To say the least spectacular, Moira launches a kind of energy wave with a long enough ray and considerable amplitude that at the same time cares for the allies and damages the opponents. In addition, the beam traverses any barrier, such as the Reinhardt shield and the Winston dome.
BlizzCon 2017: Moira and Blizzardworld are the news of Overwatch

Along with Blizzardworld

At BlizzCon 2017 it was also presented a new hybrid map: Blizzardworld . The idea for this location was born two years ago by a dialogue with Chris Metzen , and the concept is that Irvine has been built a theme park with Blizzard franchises. Curiously, Overwatch is

gone and in this universe, Blizzard has not yet created his record shooter. The map is very interesting, well-groomed by the aesthetic point of view, thanks to the efforts of all the development teams of its games, who are committed to bringing in Blizzardworld so many small easter eggs and references that will delight the enthusiasts.
The design level promises great variety, as it alternates narrower spaces with more extensive ones, even with a very large, circular area, and almost completely hiding and encircling corners, for a carnage in full swing.
Finally, Blizzard showed new skins that celebrate the overwatch franchises of the development house, merging the shooter’s heroes with some of the other iconic titles, but no one beat Orisa in Protoss , I’m sorry. These skins , as well as others in the future, will be made available in basic loot boxes , and will not be linked to any particular event.