Black the Fall

The authors have also promised the system’s reputation – how the hero spoke with other people, to influence the attitude of local residents. “Pull someone out of jail, or rescued from death, and your reputation will improve.

Faithful man in order to preserve his own life, and you will be treated worse “, – stated in the description. But by the end of this system has disappeared, and keep guns protagonist unlearned. Now he – unable to repel the man in a fur hat, tired after decades of hard work and planning to escape from communism.

In fact, change is still a lot: from the game disappeared “kraft”, dynamic weather conditions, public locations for free movement – to list all that can be long. The most important innovation was the appearance of color – an early version was in black and white and too strongly resembled The Limbo , while all other features make it not just a clone.

But there is a feeling that the release of Inside played with the authors of Black The Fallcruel joke – platformer without any extra bells and whistles suddenly received many rave reviews and nominations for the best game of the year. So why try and do something different? It is better to cut absolutely everything and leave just jumping puzzles yes.

And ideologically Black The Fall and Inside also seems to be very similar to each other and try to reveal rarely raised in the video game theme. But if Playdeadtrying to do it with the use of metaphors, allegories and symbolism, literally forcing the players to discuss the event and ending on the forums and in social networks, the Sand Sailor Studio prefers straightness.

Here are hanging everywhere portraits of the leaders, that the hammer and sickle, that people who are forced to work in grueling conditions. For understatement is no room – the authors are very eager to bring the thought and seemed afraid that will remain unappreciated.

Perhaps that’s why of something original Black The Fall eventually turned into an absolute copy of the Inside.

This is another story about a man running from left to right, which has to hide from persecution, often inappropriate to solve puzzles, jump over obstacles and abysses, to eventually get to the finals. However, in order to withstand competition from the Inside , it is not enough to copy its components and add more comprehensive history – to offer something special.

The Little Nightmares , for example, were exciting action scenes, locations had depth, and other features found many. The Black The Fall nothing that could not come up with.

Black The Fall game review

We pretend to work.



Puzzles often require logical thinking in situations where the camera or the guards can easily notice the protagonist. As soon as he gets in the eyes of the enemy, or attract the attention of the turret already saved will not be possible – of a second will be enough to destroy it.

Fortunately, progress is saved at every turn – after death was around the same mystery. But the puzzles themselves are painfully familiar. They may look original and are often closely related to the entourage (hide accounts not in boxes under the bed, and sat down on the bike with the other servants of the regime, and portraying the work), but in fact nothing else different.

The developers tried to diversify the adventure again and again giving the protagonist opportunities. At some point he acquires designator – the so-called here a laser pointer, allowing you to take control of other people and give them orders.

Standing on the top floor, you can activate the necessary levers at the bottom and get to the next location. Later puzzles using it becomes a little more difficult – you need to specify the direction, taking into account the refraction of the beam when it is in contact with shiny metal pipes and other reflective surfaces. But such episodes are few and do not have time to reveal the idea.

Also, the hero meets in its path companion – a robot resembling a dog habits and external views. “Make friends with them and enlist its support”, – stated in the description of Black The Fall in Steam, but friendship in the game shows a very odd.

Yes, the guy in a fur hat really can not pass many areas without a partner – a mechanized dog can be folded into a cube, allowing him to climb and calmly swims (the protagonist instantly dies in contact with water), is able to stop the mechanisms and clings to the control panel. But often the protagonist absolutely does not care about the fate of this creature – he throws it to fend for themselves, then tries to save, then again, if forgets his presence.