Big Consoles – Big Box: A Look at the PlayStation 5 Retail Packaging Live

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At the beginning of this week, the fast food chain Burger king tweeted something related to Playstation 5… Later it turned out that it was a special promotion, in which visitors to Burger King living in the United States can take part in the raffle of new consoles Sony

On the occasion of the announcement of the collaboration, the official channel Playstation has published a promotional video demonstrating how it will look like handing consoles to the lucky winners of the action. Although the video is staged, it allows for the first time to evaluate the PS5 box live… Judging by the frames, it has a fairly large size, which is not surprising given the dimensions of the console itself.

Meanwhile, controllers began arriving at warehouses of some U.S. retail chains. DualSense… Gamepads, in particular, have already appeared in Walmart, and one of them was even spotted on sale at a local online flea market, albeit at a significantly higher price – 100 dollars against the recommended $ 70.

Sony previously announced that a number of US stores including PlayStation Direct and Target, the official sales of DualSense, HD-cameras and other accessories for the PlayStation 5 start ahead of schedule – 30th October

In Russia, the launch of the PlayStation 5 will take place 19th November

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