Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Welcome to the 2.0 
Heroes of the Storm has always had its amazing ability to adapt to any new player: Blizzard’s MOBA is easy to play but difficult to master, but it’s clear that it does not have any kind of Invaluable wall at the entrance, no real difficulty that could preclude access to the youngest of mouse and keyboard players. Anyone can, therefore, install Heroes of the Storm for the first timeand get yourself to enjoy the arena experience that can give you a Warcraft hero command: just imagine a Hearthstone player, surely the most popular and played Blizzard free to play title, which is fascinated by the first use of Jaina or Valeera on a battleground, outside what is just the use of cards and powers. This is the underlying philosophy of HotS’s proselytizing, which with all the novelties of its version 2.0 can really go to renewal in all aspects. The title, moreover, has evolved a great deal in its course: an adventure that has led to so many players, to which the developers clearly say “thank you” for the support and the great constancy. Now is the time, however, to open up to new mechanics,Heroes of the Storm, in fact, accommodates a deeper and more personalized loot system, which will be based on the acquisition of crates where it will be possible to retrieve it

ems and any useful objects on the battlefield. To get them, you will have to follow your own level of progression, looking at both your character and the player in yourself, because the baskets will change: for Player Level there will be Rare & Epic item, while for

Hero Level there will be objects specific to equip the hero used. Cases can also be purchased using Gems and Shards: the first can be taken with real money and will serve to get heroes or objects to be included in yo

ur collection; the latter, however, will be available directly from the Loot Chests, for which a menu will be inserted soon after our collection, and will serve to create new items. For example Cassia will cost 9.99 euros or 15.000 gold, where the cost of money, we imagine, will be replaced by a specific amount of gems. At level 5 you will be able to earn a thousand gems and occasionally, level-level, they will gain some of the others.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

The devil’s devil
We launched so almost stealthly the presence of a new character in Heroes of the Storm 2.0, although it is one of the great novelties of this new expansion. Cassia, as we said, comes with all his skills and his valkyry dress in our battlegroud: Ranged Assassin, of medium difficulty, Cassia is the first character we will talk about, but the only one we will mention in this first a

rticle preview on HotS news. Arrived in the Heroes world to celebrate the 20-year-old Diablo, Valchiria is armed with a Javelin, which allows you to attack your opponents from the distance, just like with a classy Assassin hero. His passive ability, his Tr

ait, is Avoidance, which allows him to achieve an armor that diminishes the physical damage during his displacement, necessarily disarranged by the horseback: 65 armor points against any type of base attack of a hero , with, therefore, a reduction of damage of 65%.


His other abilities, which we could test in a new battleground that we’ll talk about in about two weeks, focus on mid-range activities like Lightning Fury, which will allow you to launch a lightning strike that will divide, going to hit even those who are enemies

close to your target with the same force as the original lightning. Blinding Light refers to another very passive and characterizing passion for Cassia, because our valkyry has a 15% increase in damage to all targets that have been blinded; then using this skill will allow you to inflict blind status to all opponents in the predetermined area for two secon

ds, useful then to assault them with your attack boost. The Fend, which is the third ability at his disposal, is a short-range shot that allows you to inflict 78 damage every 0.25 seconds to your opponent: a fury of strikes that will surprise every type of opponent who is forced to undergo the assault of Cassia’s Javelin. We close with the hero’s heroic abilities with the


first, the one we have used the most, to abuse it: we talk about Valkyrie, which also responds to those that are precisely the characteristics of our fighter. When we arrived at level 10, as with any heroic skill, we will have the opportunity to invoke a Valkyria who, from the distance, will run to Cassia by killing any enemy on the range of action, inflicating 190 damage and inflicting the stunning effect on them 0.5 seconds. In addition, the valchiria will push any kind of enemy hit Cassia, giving it the chance of a terrible combo with the Fend, which hits a short distance.