Even though competitive gaming is becoming more and more of a thing nowadays and most computer and video games challenge you to complete quests, destroy stuff or achieve something, gaming can and should also be considered a medium for relaxation. And in today’s article we’re going to share the best relaxing games for PC.

I know that some people might find it relaxing to destroy hordes of zombies, stop alien invasions or mash buttons in fighting games… but today we’re going to talk about something else. Relaxing games that run at a slower pace. Games that don’t rush you into doing anything. Games that you can play at your own pace: enjoy and relax at the same time. Be amazed. Rinse and repeat if needed.

Fortunately, there are a ton of relaxing games available on PC, from light adventure titles to more complex exploration titles or even simulations. All of the recommended ones are brilliantly beautiful though and I am sure you will have a great time playing them.

So let’s not waste any time! Let’s check out the best relaxing games for PC below.


This is basically a charming mixture of popular Nintendo titles Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Although there are goals and challenges in Stardew Valley and even some combat, you can play it at your own pace and do whatever you want. You can really sit back and relax with this one – and most people I know actually play it for this exact reason: to relieve stress.

I didn’t really believe how amazing this game actually is until I bought it and installed it. It has something that clicks with you instantly and you can’t help but fall in love with it. Really. Try it!

The game is also getting a highly anticipated multiplayer mode in early 2018, making even better and more enjoyable. So definitely get this one if you’re looking for a great relaxing game!

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Explore the incredible underwater hidden object world of Aquascapes. Take care of your finned friends. Play with them and watch as they interact with each other. Engage in unique gameplay as you earn money to customize your tank. Choose from a variety of vibrant backgrounds and charming decor to turn your tank into a design masterpiece.

With each fish sporting a unique personality and so many things to do in this relaxing game, you might actually end up buying a real aquarium for your home (which, by the way, is also incredibly relaxing!)

These casual games are usually frowned upon by gamers, but the truth is that they are cute, easy to play and get the job done. Simplicity and cuteness is sometimes everything that you need – and that’s exactly what Aquascapes delivers.

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Your day started out like any other day – you sent your kids off to school and settled in for some peace and quiet with your little dog, Toto. But your world is turned upside-down when a tornado suddenly appears and carries your house to the extraordinary land of Oz.

Now you find yourself in the middle of a fierce competition controlled by the mysterious Great Wizard. To earn your way back home, you and Toto must explore the four corners of Oz, facing enemies, obstacles, and puzzles at every turn!

Live the fairy tale life and relax exploring the beautiful world of OZ, all while solving puzzles and mysteries at your own pace, without any time limits or pressure. It’s a game that gives you the chance to have fun on your own terms.

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You don’t have to love diving in order to fall in love with this diving simulator. Featuring some of the best sceneries seen in computer games recently, the game throws you in the water – literally – and tells you to start exploring.

There are quite a few exploration games available for PC and most of them are extremely relaxing, but ABZU takes things to a whole new level. There is a huge amount of things you can see and do in this game. And, the most important part: you will always end up in a fabulous place that you’ll have to take a screenshot of. Extremely beautiful indeed!

Click here to check out ABZU on Steam


A game that gives you an excuse for showing your creative side? All without actually challenging you to provide real works of art and usually rewarding the lack of talent? Sign me in!

Passpartout: The Starving Artist puts you in the shoes of a painter who has to keep on painting and make a living from selling his art… which isn’t easy. But it’s fun and, for some strange reasons, extremely relaxing.

Just don’t try too much here: the better you try to paint, the worst the results seem to be. I only spent a lot of time once in this game and the critics were brutal. That’s not relaxing, but I’ve learned my lesson and I had my fair share of fun since then. Give it a try: it’s strangely unique and beautiful!

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Relax and enjoy gorgeous puzzle designs made from materials such as glass, wood, fabric, stone, metal and paper. A truly unique take on puzzles for computer platforms, one that excels in execution. It’s clearly a game better suited for those who already love puzzles, and one of the best out there!

If you crave a bit of competition, you can test your skill in the exciting new Fever Mode… but if you don’t, you can still play the game at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful and original puzzles it offers.

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It can’t be fun driving trains all day. I mean… there’s not really much to do than enjoy the scenery and maybe fall asleep every now and then.

For some reason, though, the Train Simulator franchise offers a lot more than that. It’s magically charming and addictive, insanely relaxing and fascinating. Yes, you don’t have a ton of things to do when driving trains around and you will never have to be on your toes, ready for god knows what disaster or crazy driver showing off… but you will have fun.

Just enjoy the view, take your time and maybe turn on a fan nearby to feel the breeze. Simple, relaxing fun!

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An exciting adventure game that’s more than it first catches the eye at first. A game that really touches your feelings and rewards you on so many levels – there’s really no other way to describe Meadow!

This online multiplayer game (or social experience – you can really call it that) is related to the Shelter series for those who have played it. For those who didn’t it’s no problem: you can start with Meadow and be part of something beautifully unique.

Explore, create your own animal, interact with others using only emotes and sounds, unlock goodies and fall in love with the game. A truly relaxing experience!

Click here to check out Meadow on Steam


You wouldn’t think that a game about the apocalypse could ever be considered relaxing (unless you’re a really peculiar individual). I mean… doomsdays are about monsters, atomic bombs, screaming and shouting… right?

Well, not in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. This a game set in an eerie English village where, just like the title suggests, everybody’s gone.

It’s up for you to freely explore the areas and find out what happened. But there’s no pressure on you. You can do whatever you want. You can explore as much as you want – you can go anywhere and do anything. And most likely you will be stunned over and over again by the beautiful, serene landscapes that the game paints.

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Another exploration game here – one with very different graphics compared to what I’ve shared in this article so far. But sometimes even the zaniest visuals can hide amazing games!

The truth is that Proteus doesn’t have a story. It doesn’t have a challenge. There’s no real beginning and no end. All you have to do is explore a forest. A pixelated and intensely colored one, that is.

And still, with its vibrant soundtrack and well designed elements, as well as its fair share of surprises, this game is everything you need after a hard day at work or whenever you want to relax a bit. Or more. It’s your choice.

Click here to check out Proteus on Steam

These would be our recommended titles. Try them all if you haven’t done so and relax. It’s like these games were made for that. Enjoy!