A sincere farewell to the first season

March 5 was the release of Life is Strange Farewell – the fourth, bonus episode of the prequel to  life is strange episode 4.

 We tell you what the new chapter consists of, and whether Deck Nine succeeded in damaging at least the last story based on the life of Max and Chloe.

After the frankly weak three-episode prequel to  life is strange game, I did not expect from Farewell something outstanding.

With her carelessness Deck Nine managed to spoil all the works of Dontnod, which once created an exciting and perfectly-worked story about growing up, destiny and friendship.

There were no hopes for a qualitative final chapter.

And yet, the developers of the Before the Storm were surprised.

Life is Strange episode 4 walkthrough


Farewell (“Farewell”) – this is a small prequel prequel, affecting the childhood of Chloe and Max 5 years before the events of the original, and 2 years before Before the Storm.

The story unfolds on the day of the death of Willem – the father of 14-year-old Chloe.

Together with Max, the girls find an old treasure map compiled by them years earlier (do you remember the basics of the main characters on pirate role-playing games, huh?).

After which they go in search of treasure. At the same time, Max is going with his thoughts to tell his girlfriend the news of his imminent move to Seattle.

Review of the episode Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Farewell. Sincere farewell to the first season. - Image 2

It should be noted immediately that the bonus episode is very different from the usual issues of Life is Strange. Firstly, it can be done in just an hour and a half.

Secondly, there is relatively little interactive and there is no “global” choice – Farewell, rather, it looks like a short film.

But this form of narration has gone to the benefit of the episode life is strange farewell is the final story with Max and Chloe in the lead roles.

The second season of Life is Strange has already been announced, but it will be dedicated to other heroes. Therefore, Deck Nine decided to make the maximum emphasis on emotions.

The goal of the developers was to move the fans of the series, giving them a powerful epilogue about parting with loved characters – to sum up the nine-episode adventure in Arcadia Bay.

And they coped with this task.

Review of the episode Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Farewell. Sincere farewell to the first season. - Image 3

Despite the timing, Farewell clings at times stronger than the whole previous “season” – and the ending of the episode can be compared with the ending of the original.

Moreover, in just an hour the new chapter tells about Chloe Pryce much more than a three-episode prequel – although it was he who was to reveal the nature of the heroine in more detail.

The bonus episode is completely focused on the main characters – it is not distracted by fillers and clearly shows the reasons why the former extrovert-excellent pupil turned into a punk rocker from the cover of SuicideGirls.

If in the Before the Storm developers tried to come up with their own story, which burned up, then Farewell of the American studio had to work directly with the canon.

There are no scenario blunders or stupid storylines – it’s just a screen version of Dontnod drafts, slightly wider than the lor of the universe of Life is Strange. At least, the bonus chapter does not feel like another unprocessed fanfic.

Review of the episode Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Farewell. Sincere farewell to the first season. - Picture 4

As a result, before the storm farewell became the perfect end of the first season of Life is Strange. The new episode is a nostalgic flashback in the childhood of favorite characters, and even in the original voice acting of Hannah Tel and Ashley Birch (I recall that because of the strike the actress refused to voice Chloe in Before the Storm).

The episode also became the last missing puzzle of the universe of LiS – thus a turning point, forever changed the life of the main character.

Now it remains only to pereprohodit original, and wait for information about the second season of the best interactive series of our time.

 Life is Strange episode 4 photos

The photo Description
LiS Optional1 E4 House of Chloe. Upper floor .
You need to make a photo of Chloe (right after the cutscene with a return from the alternative reality ). Get the achievement “Environment”.
Ambient Achievement
LiS Optional2 E4 House of Chloe. Lower floor .
You need to make a photo of the nest with the eggs inside, before pushing the board back .. Get the achievement “Time’s up.”
Time-Lapsed Achievement
LiS Optional3 E4 Campus hostel .
Take a picture of the pyramid from the stones near the Totan totan . Achieve achievement “Balance”.
Balance Achievement
LiS Optional4 E4 Campus hostel .
After talking with Samuel about proteins, you can lure the squirrel out of the box. The resulting pair of rodents can be photographed. Get the achievement “Rangefinder”.
Rangefinder Achievement
LiS Optional5 E4 Dormitory of boys .
In the window to the right of the entrance you can see the traces of bigfoot. Any self-respecting photographer should have this photo. Get the achievement “Gamma Value”.
Gamma Value Achievement
LiS Optional6 E4 The beach .
You need to take a picture of a dead whale, before talking with Frank . Get the achievement “Strength of Refraction”.
Dioptric Power Achievement
LiS Optional7 E4 Shed Prescott .
Outside, a bird sits on a pole. It needs to have time to take a quick picture, otherwise it will fly away. Get the achievement “Fisheye”.
Fisheye Achievement
LiS Optional8 E4 Shed Prescott .
In the attic of the barn you will find a sleeping owl, which sits on bales of hay. Get the achievement “Hand-Drawn”.
Manually Exposed Achievement
LiS Optional9 E4 Swimming pool . The party .
The right place – the toilet – is located next to the passage to the VIP zone of the club. Inside, it remains only to take the correct foreshortening. Get the achievement “Slideshow”.
Slideshow Achievement
LiS Optional10 E4 Pool. The party .
Once in a room with a pool, next to the jump tower, look through the window to photograph the anomaly – the double moon. Get the achievement “Tripod”.
Tripod Achievement
LiS optional photos ep4 Make all the optional photos. Get the achievement “Lag of the Shutter”.
Shutterbug Achievement