Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Fans Life is Strange once dubbed Before the Storm prequel, which nobody asked. Their skepticism is quite understandable – the development involved a completely different studio from French Dontnod had to project nothing, and the ending we know.

On what will be the Chloe and what will happen with Rachel, we have over five episodes were told two years ago.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm game review

Talk about future stepfather Chloe does not like.



In the end it turned out that the fears were completely unfounded. While on Deck Nine many expected a kind of “fan fiction” a stupid, sucked from the finger story, the authors were able to surprise and offered a decent story, which does not seem superfluous.

Hard to say, before or after the original place for Before the Storm , but to get acquainted with her in any case it is necessary.

The game takes place three years before the first Life is Strange. Chloe has not dyed her hair blue, but it also prefer entertainment studies, going to rock concerts, drinks beer, smokes and swears to her mother.

That after the death of her husband found a new boyfriend and is trying to improve his relationship with his daughter, but it does not work – Chloe, this guy completely uninteresting. And her best friend Max, as we know, never answered her letter. Life is not strange, as stated in the title game, and the gray and dull.

Rachel rescues the situation with which the heroine meets at the beginning of the passage. The most popular and beautiful girl in school suddenly drew the attention of Chloe makes her selfie and not without pleasure talking to the contact, which will inevitably notice the rest of the guys.

Life began to play a completely new colors and great writers convey transformation lonely Chloe, who threw a girlfriend and is looking for in rebellion to forget about their problems in a happy teenager.

Chloe has not voiced Eshli Borch(Ashly Burch) – due to the strike of actors she failed again to give the character his voice. But she wrote the character for all replicas, so sarcastic jokes and sarcastic swipe at enemies will be many. In this case, if the original Chloe annoys you (yes, such people do exist!), It is likely that here the relation to it will be quite different.

Players will learn more interesting details about her past, and in general will see her on the other side – not only ready “light” and have fun, but also able to be depressed and sometimes even enjoy the little things.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm game review

Virtual operator sometimes produces very nice images.

And because of this, you understand that the decision to do a prequel was not such a stupid idea. The authors make it possible to survive the most interesting episodes in the life of Chloe, and do it on the same high quality level as Dontnod .

Even the script this time is not too much strange dialogue, from which the original, I felt a little uncomfortable. Teens are often spoken as communicate guys at their age, and there is no sense that adult uncles were trying to come up with some kind of “language of teenagers” with idiotic lexicon.

Therefore, occurring between Chloe and Rachel “chemistry” really begin to believe. And if on the first character we already know a great deal, while the second remains enigmatic persona, which, according to the final, more than once we have something to surprise you. In the originalLife is Strange , we have seen it only in photographs. And even after I spent in the company of Rachel a few hours, it seems that all the surprises are just ahead.

different vision

We can say that because of so much attention to the two central characters of the secondary characters have gone on a very long-range plan. School director, Nathan Prescott, Viktoriya Cheyz – they meet on the way, but disappear almost immediately.

Given that only the front two episodes (not counting bonus), once again we are unlikely someone will see of them. Yes, not much and it is necessary – in other developers their approach, and they prefer to devote full story relations girlfriends. While this works perfectly, so that there is no reason to be indignant.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm game review

Uboltat almost got it, a little bit more!

But some side entertainment yet come across. For example, before you come to school, you can chat with other guys and stumble across a couple of interesting episodes.

They are very easy to miss, but they are some of the best moments in the whole of Life is Strange . So be sure to talk to everyone, including a security guard and a couple at the table – will get a lot of positive emotions, by taking part in a great mini-game.