Beat ’em up 2.0

 Earth’s dawn review


Earth’s dawn  is a classic console game (it is not a coincidence that it is the one-of-a-kind OneorEight) and in the logic of maximizing profits has found space in the ever more extensive Steam catalog, as well as in Microsoft and Sony stores.


This is not a title able to go up to the tops of the wish lists considering that the mechanics, as revised and modernized, basically rest on the solid cornerstones of the genre beat ’em up, to which are added elements from the world hack & slash for a potentially interesting result that however does not convince to the end. A pity because some ideas could also be revealed interesting …

Behind a good aesthetic impact there is a repetitive play, but with deep mechanics

 Earth’s dawn gameplay


EBEs are an aggressive alien species that has conquered the world thanks to its virtually indestructible genetic make-up in  earth dawn; the forces of resistance, however, have succeeded in combining the fabrics with ultra-resistant alloys to make reinforcements capable of placing human and invaders on the same level.

Beat 'em up 2.0

The ANTI forces, of which the player is obviously part, must conduct a counteroffensive to free New York and, through Wisconsin, reach Alaska where the bad guys are based.


We do not think we can say that the writers have been particularly squeezed to give birth to a plot of the kind, and attempts to make it interesting through the too-cheap cut-scenes that link a mission to another are awkward and not very effective.


If, despite the premises, the plot still managed to thrill, there is also to overcome the rock of the Japanese language in which the dialogues develop: luckily there are subtitles on  earth’s dawn steam (in English).


The advice, however, is to rape the start button (unthinkable the use of the keyboard) to skip the useless outline and make the acquaintance, after having chosen the features, of our ANTI-Hero.


Earth’s dawn ps4  is the most classic side-scrolling brawler where some sections almost without life alternate others infested with monsters of various kinds. 


To send them to the creator you must use a futuristic sword if necessary assisted by a machine gun that shoots rubber pellets very useful to break through the energy barriers against which nothing can the white weapon. Advancing the level of the protagonist is increased, just like in a GDR, therefore new skills and better equipment are acquired.


After the warming mission a hub is proposed that allows the hero to develop through the creation and strengthening of weapons and armor and the deepening of the skill tree.

Beat 'em up 2.0

The latter is one of the most unhappy aspects of the production of OneorEight because it is so branched out that it is impossible to consult it in its entirety even applying a level of zoom that hides even the descriptions of skills. At the bottom is the whole customization system is overly processed


In particular, we do not understand the usefulness of spending resources to upgrade a low-level weapon when the same can be used to create a higher invoice. In order to proceed with the main story it is necessary to wait for a gigantic counter to reach zero: in the meantime, in addition to devoting oneself to the character.


You can / must deal with secondary missions that unlock further skills. These are mini levels usually without a final boss where the defeat does not force you to start all over again but it translates with the reduction of time.


It is however worth trying to fail as little as possible in order to complete as many as possible between one main quest and another.

Given the nature of the title and the lack of interaction with the scenario, many variations on the theme can not be expected :some expect to destroy a certain number of enemies in the pre-established time, others to collect objects and so on.


Depending on the combat style adopted, you receive an evaluation: by obtaining the highest values ​​you are rewarded with additional skills.