Probably everybody has dreamed, at least once, of being able to go into space: how could life be out of our world? Hellion , a title currently available on Steam Early Access and developed by Zero Gravity , a Serbian team, intervenes in our rescue to try and give us an answer. Whatever may be beautiful, from what we have seen, does not seem to be a health walk.
A small step for man …
This is a real Space Survival, a cool game idea that could come into play on the market. Conditional is a must to talk about this curious title; Hellion is , in fact, little more than a tech demo, an idea of ​​what developers have concentrated most in these two years
. After selecting your favorite server, we will wake up in a capsule within a spaceship, completely abandoned (or j
ust accompanied by our friends, if we had someone to play with) and lost.The first thing you notice is the graphic detail of the room, really impressive. After the admiration of the environment, there will be confusion over what needs to be
done to continue: there are no tutorials, except for some cards spread out for the various rooms, however, which explain little or nothing. Because of this, it is inevitable, especially at first getting lost in stupid actions, how to expel you from the station without wearing the appropriate suit after a few minutes of play.
Silent exploration
The title proves to be based on a continuous “trial and error”: because of the absence of explanations and aid, players will have to use the brain, being careful of where to put their feet and which buttons to touch, to finally succeed get everything you need, understand how to use the jetpack and explore the other stations on the server.
 It should be emphasized that physics follows the Newtonian laws perfectly: we have admired the fidelity with which they have been reposted within the title and in the moments when we will be in the absence of artificial gravity we will have to learn to adequately control our character, ‘easier business to explain than not to do at the actual level. It takes so much patience to have the full control of the gaming mechanics and this is a factor that could hinder the growth of the title, which is currently very niche because of the very few content inside the game.
Diving into this type of adventure could therefore be total, but only in the face of a difficult mechanical system, and still in an embryonic stage. Given the price requested for Hellion (€ 22.99), certainly not moderate, we recommend purchasing only and exclusively if there is a desire to make an investment on the game and its idea, at any rate appreciable: to all others players recommend that you wait for a more favorable moment when there is more material you can talk about.