Surprisingly, despite the great variety in design and skills enjoyed by the champions, it is one of the most balanced games on the market. Each game against a new champion usually leads a similar mental process. We will blame the opposing hero for being completely broken, the unjust and useless developers and the enemy player for asking a


character that is clearly above the others. The next game we will decide to ask us this character to receive a supine beating at the hands of our enemies. More than in most games of the genre, here it only matters the skill of each player and their knowledge of the mechanics of the game.


Blue Reflection, review of the new Gust Magic RPG

Quality combat

The combat system is at the same time extremely simple and extremely confusing. Extremely simple because anyone can take a character that he likes visually, learn his skills in a moment and after one or two games be slightly competent in the game. Unlike traditional MOBAS a day or two of play will be enough to have a basic knowledge of the characters and their respective strengths or weaknesses.


Lost Odyssey

On the other hand, the more you go deeper into the combat system, you discover more layers of hidden complexity. For starters, the game has a customization system that allows us to choose several improvements or modifi


cations for the skills of our characters before starting the games and if we want to compete at the highest level we must know the hundreds of c


hanges available to the characters. These skills are in most cases “skillshots” and therefore we must point them towards our enemies, it is not enough to click on them but we will have to predict their movements and use of skills at all times.

 Also, the game has a system similar to that of fighting games in regards to our most powerful skills. Doing damage to our


enemies or collecting some spheres spread across the sands (or a larger one in the center of the map that both teams will fight to take) will be charging our special meter. Once it is full we can use our strongest ability, but we can also choose to use only a portion of the bar to launch another skill or alternative versions of our basic skills.

Battlerite (PC) screenshot

The surprising thing about Battlerite is that despite being infinitely complex it is still accessible to any player, a task that is helped by the excellent interface and variety of options available in this Free 2 Play version. We have tutorials, a f


antastic sandbox mode to test characters and skills and we can even see our replays or those of the best players of the moment. All presented with an excellent orchestration and an easy to use and elegant interface.

Battlerite is Free 2 Play but it has the option to buy all the champions that have been won and for having only about th


irty euros. If you do not decide on that option, there is always the option of getting them with the game’s own currency but what we have se


en could be a long and lasting process. Of course, the booty boxes of the title (which play with generous frequency) sometimes contain a champion which can give us a joy from time to time.

In the technical section the game should run without problems in the vast majority of computers, being less demanding in this sense than all other games of the genre. For now the game is only available on PC but we would not be surprised to see it give way to consoles (we can dream of a version of Switch)