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 Metal gear solid v review

Metal Gear Solid V was probably one of the most ambitious projects Hideo Kojima has ever worked on, as well as unfortunately the last chapter of the saga directed by him.


A work that has seen at the time converge all the ideas that the brilliant Japanese artist has given birth and refined over the years , and which have not only concerned aspects related to innovative gameplay for the series, but every situation of play, where the The imprint of the talented Japanese designer was made to feel through quotes, costumes, phrases and visual elements, which confirmed the great cinematographic and literary culture among other things.


Today, thanks to Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience, fans can enjoy the complete artwork in a special edition that includesMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes,  Metal gear soldier v: The Phantom Pain and  metal gear solid v online,online multiplayer component of which you can read details at this address, plus a selection of DLCs released in the past for each of the games, and € 15 of currency for the Mother Base. All for € 39.90 on consoles and € 29.99 on Steam for PC.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience is the definitive edition of Hideo Kojima’s game


The collection opens with Ground Zeroes, set in 1975, which sees Big Boss trying to infiltrate a US naval base near Cuba, inside which is housed a prison facility, Camp Omega, which according to information in the possession of the intelligence of his group, the Militaires Sans Frontières, operates outside the control of international laws.


There are held prisoners Paz, the spy we saw in game Metal gear solid v: Peace Walker, and Chico who in an attempt to save the girl he is in love with, was in turn captured.


And it is precisely to free both and avoid revealing valuable information about his organization, as well as to steal Paz’s knowledge about Cipher, that Big Boss decides to embark on a solo mission.

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The short adventure – just over an hour – consists of a “campaign” set inside the prison camp, at night and under heavy rain, with a series of optional objectives to be achieved and other boundary elements linked to the achievement of trophies or collection of particular items, plus some extra missions that are unlocked.

However, what was then released as a product in its own right, is fun and well structured, and can be for beginners a way like another to practice, learn the new game mechanics (which we will talk more about next) and prepare for the main adventure of metal gear solid v the phantom pain

Set nine years after Ground Zeroes, the title tells of the destruction of the old Mother Base, the creation of the mercenary organization called Diamond Dogs by Miller,


Ocelot and Venom Snake, which has its operational headquarters in the Seychelles sea, and the need of the protagonist to leave for Afghanistan – full-bodied initial setting, but not the only one – for an urgent mission from which an engaging and fascinating story will start, net of some tired moments.


A story in  metal gears solid v that is bestowed in small doses, and which is often confused in the sea of ​​interconnection activities seasoned by missions, often in photocopy, unique – for an urgent mission which will then start an engaging and fascinating story, net of some tired moment.

 Metal gear solid v release date

Release date
September 1 2015