Battlefield V is back in the top 10 most popular games on Steam

Battlefield v suddenly returned to the top 10 most played games Steam – it happened against the background of the recent free weekend.

The number of concurrent players in the last day exceeded 69 thousand people, and at the time of the free weekend itself, the peak exceeded 76 thousand people. Thus, the shooter was inferior to the indicators of the same Rainbow six siege, but still managed to take the final place in the top.

The return to popularity of Battlefield V is undoubtedly influenced by the huge 90% discount – now Battlefield V Definitive Edition can be purchased for 349 rubles (was 3499 rubles). In addition, the project is included in the subscription EA Play… The discount will be valid until September 8th.
Earlier it became known that the beta of the new Battlefield 2042 can start already on September 22.

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