Batman shown with new generation graphics

A new video appeared on the network, which showed one of the most famous characters DC Batman with new generation graphics.

User Ruslan Gadzhiev posted a new video on his YouTube page, where he showed a 3D model of Batman, which he managed to create on the Unreal Engine 4. According to, the author showed a static model of a superhero and demonstrated the quality of the graphics, which he managed to achieve. It is worth noting that Ruslan chose Batman as a model in the performance of Hollywood actor Christian Bale (Christian Bale), who played the role of a superhero in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan).

The author of the video also showed several shots, in which Batman is also represented, including in full growth. It is worth noting that Ruslan Gadzhiev managed to achieve truly impressive results. With such graphics, for example, there may be a new Batman game from Rocksteady Studios. Thanks to attention to detail, the Batman model shown in the video looks like a real Christian Bale. Therefore, it is not known whether developers can reach this level even on the next-generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

According to, it is rumored that developers from Rocksteady Studios are currently developing a new Batman game called Batman: Arkham Legacy. It is noted that the plot in it will revolve around the organization of the Court of Owls. In addition, in Batman: Arkham Legacy, in addition to Batman himself, there may also be other members of the Bat family, for example, Robin and Batgerl.