Avatar raised $ 21 million in the first weekend of its new release in China

Re-released in China last week “Avatar” James Cameron, successfully taking back the leadership in the world box office from “Avengers: Endgame”

In order to achieve this goal, he needed to collect at least $ 7.4 million, but on the very first day the amount turned out to be more – $ 8.9 million. And the story did not end there.

Over the weekend, the fantastic tape managed to add $ 21.1 million to its piggy bank – a pretty good result for a film that was first released back in 2009. Analysts predict an additional $ 50 million in fees for the picture.

By the way, for the first time the film was released in China after the world premiere – in 2010, then he managed to collect $ 203 million there.

Meanwhile, the sequel is set to premiere in December 2022. It should be followed by three more pictures.

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