Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Between a few (a few) days we will finally put our hands on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the new chapter in the saga dedicated to the cult of Assassins returning to the market after a deserved break. Let’s say well-deserved because the ideas were beginning to shrink and the tone of the last incarnations seemed to us to be impertinent. We entered several times in touch with Origins: Bayek seemed fit, wanting to surprise us and cullarci in the new setting that will host his adventures.

Egypt, fascinating and mystical thanks to its pyramids and its mysterious culture. Before we played the final version of the title, we wanted to make the point of the situation by extrapolating from the content package those that we think are the three elements that will determine the success or failure of the operation.

On the one hand they may seem discounted, but having already tested some of the features that we will analyze, we assure you that this is not so: all of them have new features that we just could scratch on the surface. Let’s try to go deeper, imagine what we would like to represent.

Open World

We could not start from what is the absolute protagonist of the Origins world : Egypt. Beautiful, vast and fascinating; the new Assassin’s Creed’s open world systemit will have to be able to combine a very good technical bundle with an equally solid stratified system of tasks and activities. We think, for example, of exploring pyramids, hidden tombs, and more. But also, and above all, repetitive secondary missions that can provide some more detail to the plot.
We therefore want to not be bored in a short time, and on the contrary be constantly stimulated: much will of course depend on the care to the details and how much the environment around us will be able to convey to new and exciting missions. What we saw we liked, but it was just a taste: Origins can not afford to fail and much will depend on the magnetism of missions.
Assassin's Creed: Origins, three elements for brand revival

Combat System

Again, we have already told you how the combat system has been completely revised. Less action, more tactical: you decide which enemy to attack and handle the various offensive and defensive moves. The result mixes archetypes already seen in other productions but at the same time try to do something unique. Much will depend on the amount of weapons, movesets, and enemies.
Too much banality from these points of view could make the idea fall away; on the contrary a good variety of options would make it great. At gameplay level, Origins’s new combat system has convinced us: a little woody in the first proven, more fluid and immediate builds in later versions.
The end result is still an unknown one, but we are confident: of frenzy in favor of a strong tactic could raise even the most hesitant moments. Not to mention we would have a full GDR-style equipment management. It remains to be seen how the whole thing will develop: the solution, even in this case, is to wait for the full game to go and find out all the goodies and defects of the case.


Last but not least, the plot. Assassin’s Creedhe managed to penetrate the heart of the players, especially thanks to his story, distributed between the past and the present. The two-dimensional struggle between Assassins and Templars has conquered all, except then go slightly drifting in the last chapters.
From Origins we expect a change of gear. To tell the truth, we do not know if it will be a total resumption; it could also be because no. Resetting everything and starting over again would not be a bad idea, even if it meant leaving behind years and years of work in the end more than good. Still, there is a desire to experience an exciting adventure in Bayek’s shoes, but also and above all in the clothing of his contemporary counterpart. Who will be? What will be its purpose and, most importantly, will we still see the Fruits of Eden?