Apex Legends will remain without cross-progressing on Nintendo Switch for now

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Battle Royale Launch Today Apex legends on family consoles Nintendo Switch… The developers have confirmed that this version will receive crossplay support, but there will be no cross-progressing.

However, in the future, the cross-platform progress system in Apex legends on Nintendo Switch still may appear. Development team from Respawn Entertainment now doing everything possible for this

“Such a system is in the plans, yes, but today it is still far from being implemented. As a player, I would really like the game to support cross-platform progression, so I perfectly understand the interest of the audience.

Now we are working hard, this is not an easy task in which many profiles of many users are simultaneously involved, all this must be synchronized. There are also certain legal difficulties associated with purchasing content on different platforms, and a number of technical restrictions. In other words, we can’t just turn on the overall progression with the push of a single button. But we are working on the implementation of such a system. The team is confident that we will cope with the task, “- said an official from Respawn Entertainment.

In addition to Switch, the game is also available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox one, Xbox series x, Xbox series s, and PC… Mobile versions are under development.

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