Anger and frustration await you!

Has-Been Heroes arrived quietly on the market and only Nintendo, perhaps also due to the reduced launch line-up of Switch, had tried to bring the title to the fore a few months ago.


The production is instead one of those interesting and although it re-proposes many mobile game mechanics, behind it there are the minds of those genitals of Frozenbyte. If the name of the software house in charge of the project has made you ring a bell because you may have already tasted some of their work in the past, maybe


thanks to the amazing Trine 2. Has-Been Heroes, however, is a very different game, a title that puts aside physical and spectacular settings to bet everything on the gameplay. We find ourselves by the hands a roguelike of those who do not forgive, a difficult and often frustrating game but that under this hardcore title bark hides original ideas and some nice gimmicks.


A mix of elements that has led Has Been Heroes to be evaluated in a confused manner, criticized above all by those who have not been able to appreciate or understand the most complex mechanics and idolized by those who have overcome the steep initial barrier. The truth, in our opinion, is obviously in the middle.

An excessively difficult and punitive title, to the point of being frustrating in many aspects


The heroes of the kingdom are now retired. The great white dragon was defeated years ago and, without threats to afflict the kingdom, the pension arrived in advance for our leaders. However, the king has one last important task for his valiant soldiers: to accompany the two princesses on their first day of school.


The road to reach the destination will not be easy, however, as hordes of undead have awakened with the intent to kill the two heirs to the throne. The plot, as you may well have guessed, is rather unrealistic and we would have sincerely preferred something more meaningful to guide our deeds.

Anger and frustration await you!

We understand perfectly the desire to maintain light and light-hearted tones but a further stimulus to continue the adventure would have been appreciable anyway.


Instead, you will find yourself playing only for the sake of progression and when it does not, you may decide to leave the game prematurely, without the worry of having missed an interesting story. And reasons to leave Has-Been Heroes, trust me, there really are plenty of them.The Frozenbyte production will slap you, use it as a rag and then throw you into a corner. It is a title that does not forgive,


that does not admit of deconcentrated games made to spend a few hours carefree and there is nothing in the whole adventure that can make you think you have arrived at a point of arrival. Every time you take a step towards completing the game, Has Been Heroes will face an even more difficult challenge, throwing you back into the abyss from which you are trying to climb back from the first start.


It is certainly not the first punitive roguelike we have played but we believe that the developers have gone really heavy this time and the boundary between difficulty and frustration is really too thin.