Endless Space 2

The freedom of action is one of the hallmarks of the genre and in this sense, the new Amplitude Studios does not disappoint. Expand your empire as you like, using brute force or using diplomacy and trade; Investigate new technologies that empower the growth of the worlds under your command, or create the most destructive spacecraft fleet in the entire univ


erse. Let them tremble before your power! Or that they are amazed by the achievements of science. Endless Space 2 puts few limits to that difficult task that is to reach supremacy in space. ¿ Bribes? A way like any other to avoid war or take over entire planet


s. And it’s something that I love! How, based on your actions, in a fluid way, you build a high quality science fiction story and you really feel part of it. If a war has been unleashed, or a civilization has been extinguished, it will be because of your actions, or those of your enemies, but in the end, you will feel that it was inevitable.



Create your own story

Beyond the usual options, that you can declare war or seek peace through diplomacy and trade, what fascinates me about this videogame edited by Sega are the subtle differences that exist between the eight factions at stake. Militarists, p

acifists, those who can take money from where there is none, those who live by and for science … typical, you will think, and it is true, but behind all of them there is an attractive plot background that somehow makes sense to their ac
tions and, better yet, they also have special features that allow them to act, in certain situations such as the colonization of a planet, in absolutely great ways. It’s more. The process of conquering other worlds It is already fantastic because it req
uires time, citizens traveling from other planets to that new paradise exposing space pirates and other enemies, which can become a real headache if they block their way or destroy their ships.


Endless Space 2 analysis

In addition to the great civilizations, there are other minor factions that can be dominated by force or money and influence. Partnering with them guarantees obtaining resources and tactical advantages.

Problem that does not exist for the Riftborn , for example, which are machines that build themselves and, therefore, have it as easy as making new citizens in the place of destination. Others, such as the Vodyani , a nomadic people, colo


nize worlds instantaneously thanks to their gigantic Space Arcas, but of course, that has a risk, since losing one of these ships is a terrible economic and time expense. Small details that magnify a video game that also knows how to


take advantage of political maneuvers, forcing us to adopt laws in which we do not believe if someone with an ideology other than the


one we supported rises with power. We can try to avoid it with bribes, or with intimidation, but sometimes … sometimes things do not go as we wish, and that is when the action becomes more interesting. Also more difficult, because it is necessary to react to unexpected situations.


Endless Space 2 PC

Every action, however small it may seem, influences the way in which our civilization evolves

Every action, however small it may seem, influences the way in which our civilization evolves . The new technologies that we investigate, the constructions that we build in our worlds, the policies we are committed to; ecologists, pa

cifists, religious … there are so many ways to advance in this universe of science fiction that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. The good news is that Amplitude Studios has created a user interfaceclean, extremely simple, w
ith which it is easy to manage the empire without too many headaches. There are some details that are not explained quite well a
nd, certainly, like any work of the style, requires a few hours of hard learning before you begin to fully enjoy its playable possibilities. But once that curve of initial difficulty has been overcome, the experience is highly recommended.


Endless Space 2

Recruiting new heroes, of whatever kind, guarantees certain strategic advantages. We can assign them to planets, so that the whole system benefits from their abilities, or take them in a spaceship next to the fleet.

If you opt for diplomacy , and focus your efforts on enhancing your skills as a negotiator, you will find more than interesting options to avoid unnecessary confrontations, although artificial intelligence tends to be generally quite flat without leavin


g the classic script of “do not enter into my territory!” or “we are going to trade that will come in handy”. There are very interesting details like bribes or the use of influence to conquer worlds without taking up arms, but in general, in the long ru


n, a more complete and profound system is missing. Something like the fun political system that I used to talk to you about and what such good feelings have left me or even the trade, with prices that will oscillate incessantly depending on how the


action evolves and, therefore, with more than enough alternatives so that someone clever knows how to take advantage of it.


Endless Space 2 PC

Endless Space 2

Politics is very important in Endless Space 2. If you have the command you put the laws but if someone with a different ideology comes to power … you will have to assume their rules!

At the military level , Endless Space 2 also fulfills what was expected: there are a handful of ships to choose from and, thanks to science, all of them can be customized with great freedom to finally form a space fleet to suit the consumer.


The battles? They are not especially complex, you do not direct your ships manually, but by applying certain tactics you can change the course of the fight in your favor, which is not bad, because when you achieve success you feel it as yours, they have been your decisions !, not the simple arithmetic, those that have given you the victory.


Each new game I started has made me want a little more to this 4X strategy video game that, yes, does not always take advantage


of its full potential. Before I talked about his great narrative, how well he spins the missions to make you feel part of a fantastic journey through the stars, but these tasks, these stories, which have been translated into Spanish (although there are still parts in English), are repeated too regularly. It does not matter if you guide the steps of humans or a ci


vilization of insects; the tasks are usually the same without many changes at the script level, which in the medium term can create a certain


sensation of “this I have lived it before”. The heroes, that you can recruit during your trip, they do not give off much personality either. In the artistic, yes, they are the most, but their special skills and their role in general within the action is not particularly attractive … it is useful!