Anfisa Chekhova took everything off herself and highlighted the dignity

The famous presenter, singer and actress Anfisa Chekhova exposed her new pictures, without hesitation, showing her own roundness to the audience. The shots with Chekhova almost without enthusiasm caused enthusiasm among the fans.

According to, Anfisa Chekhova posted several new shots at once, where she was photographed almost without any clothes. The celebrity put on her sunglasses from the bright sun, and raised her hands to her hair, so that the audience could better see her figure, which was not covered by anything superfluous. The star wrote that she was going to celebrate the New Year in this form, because in those parts where she is now, it is very warm and sunny. Fans were delighted with such plans by Anfisa Chekhova, and supported her idea, hoping for new pictures of her idol.

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Publication by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova)Dec 25, 2019 at 12:50 pst

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Publication by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova)Dec 14, 2019 at 3:13 PST

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Publication by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova)Dec 20, 2019 @ 2:56 am PST

Fans of Chekhova bombarded the girl with various compliments, and many directly expressed their envy for the lifestyle that a celebrity leads, which regularly pleases fans with pictures and videos from different parts of the globe. Anfisa Chekhov was called charming, velvet and otpadnaya, appreciating all the features of her feminine figure and her curves. Many also appreciated the idea of ​​Chekhov about the New Year’s costume, writing that after this they lost all interest in other Snow Maidens.

Anfisa Chekhova turned her Instagram page into a blog about personal travels and experiences, where the presenter also often publishes her work, for example, various poems about her experiences. According to, Chekhova’s Instagram page has now subscribed to more than 1.6 million social network users.