AMD CEO: Radeon graphics cards will receive ray tracing support in 2023

Within the framework of the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023) chapter AMD Lisa Su answered questions from journalists related to adding support for ray tracing technology in video cards Radeon.

Despite the fact that Nvidia already introduced a line of graphics cards with support RTX, her competitor is in no hurry to reveal all the cards. This is strange, considering that it is on the AMD hardware that the next-generation consoles are based Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. According to insiders, Sony and Microsoft offer their own ray tracing options.

As explained by Lisa Su, she still considers ray tracing an important and promising development, however, the implementation process is still in its early stages. The company is actively investing in technology and the development of the ecosystem around it.

The top manager also clarified that during 2023, AMD’s discrete graphics will begin to support ray tracing..

“I really believe in it, although it’s still very early, and the ecosystem must develop. We need more games, more software and more applications to use it,” added Lisa Su.

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