Syberia 3 – continuation of the classic, the announcement of which, of course, pleased, but by and large there was no need for it. In the sense that the film series ended with a very definite way, what once seemed to be hinting himself Benua Sokal. Now it turns out that was not the end.

I will say more: the final news except that plain text does not offer pre-order Syberia 4. Microids not even need to make any announcements: Kate fans – people are clever. Is the story of the heroine could end up like this ? Obviously not.

But “the story of the heroine Syberia» and «the history of the series Syberia» – it’s still different things. The second may well break off much earlier than the first.

Immediately after isolation Syberia 2 nomadic tribe yukola Walker is in a very unenviable position, effectively saving her life.

The caravan arrives in the city Valsembor where Kate and hands with crippled “conductor” of dried fish (in fact – the leader) Kurka to a local hospital. Institution supervises the good Zamyatin chief doctor, but he did not know that his assistant Dr. Efimov turned the hospital almost a concentration camp, “discharged” from which it is difficult even completely healthy person.

The first locations Syberia 3, we learn that it is collaborating with a gangster type of colonel whose “soldiers” island resemble a gang of thugs from Tomb Riader 2013. Probably, they fired caravan dried fish, which is why Kurkov lost a leg. Unfortunately, the motivation of the villains revealed very sparingly:

“The shelling caravan yukola in order to force them to give up their way of life” – this is probably the most senseless and absurd crime, which in principle could come up with. C

onfrontation of ancient culture and the modern trends could reveal a variety of ways, but Sokal chose something completely unintelligible. Syberia was always “cranberry” game, so expect a serious story in the third part of the series is not worth it.

And yet … a caricature Efimova and one-eyed warriors Microids not limited to: Syberia 3 is in such a good enough! Almost all yukola – spherical dwarfs other characters in most cases, too, suffer from different degrees of obesity. By and large, there except the look Kate and really no one: that’s really her age exactly spared!

the logic of peace in Syberia 3 is very specific. Specifically? Delightfully old-fashioned. When you need to switch off the light, Kate does not turn off the lamp, and breaks them down. When you need to get the object that is stored behind the glass door of the cabinet in the vast ruined building, Kate does not use a chair or some stone. No. She breaks a window scarf wrapped hand. Tellingly, the next time when you have to smash windows, Mrs. Walker will need a brick.

Fortunately, most of the time I still managed to understand what and why of me wants this game. In this sense, Syberia 3 is consistent with its big names: in front of us all the same incredible journey of a fictional city in which will have to deal with a lot of different puzzles.

Why not take away from a new job Sokal, it’s the beauty of locations. Each of them is unique, characterized by its own mood and theme. For example, Valsembor – a relatively large settlement in which the lack of colorful characters and faceless crowd.

The township has turned a spacious, quiet (despite the protests of local residents) and cozy. It is a pity that on the streets of this neat, clearly inspired by the Central European architecture of the town is impossible to get rid of anxiety because of the proximity of the enemy, who constantly reminds you how you can leave this place quickly. Abandoned Baranur felt quite differently. Not in ruins, but a real monument to socialism blown radioactive winds.