All night long

The update comes a short distance from the introduction of fun seasonal challenges, a feature with which the developers have thought well to enrich the game endgame, made up of tests of skills that must be completed within a certain period of time penalty the reset.


A situation similar to that seen in Watch Dogs 2, therefore, which remains in effect untied by the DLC that we are going to review and that we will see in fact start our climb to the top of the Santa Blanca … completely alone. Forget about the Ghost team:


in Narco Road we will have to create a new character and infiltrate the powerful organization, pretending to be a member of them , in order to find the boss of an unexplored area: El Invisible.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Narco Road catapults us into a new mission, this time alone


The progression at the base of Narco Road is the same as the main game, which means that to get to compare El Invisible we must first complete a series of missions to steal information and get rid of its lieutenants: Eddie Escovado, a psycho drug addict full of money and followers who love parties based on drugs and starlets;


Arturo Rey, head of the Death Riders, a dangerous gang of bikers; and finally Tonio Mateos, an extravagant muscle car enthusiast who often organizes clandestine contests to watch his racing cars whiz.

All night long...

At the same time as the new villain comes an unpublished map that presents itself as a variant of Bolivia of Wildlands, naturally less extensive but aesthetically similar to what has already been seen during the main campaign, so do not expect big surprises on this front.


To make exploring the scenery more varied and fun, new vehicles have been introduced, such as the aforementioned muscle cars and monster trucks.These last ones are not really simple to drive inside paths that almost always include elbow bends and tight spaces, so the solution naturally becomes that of going off-road and thus reducing the distance that separates us from the shift goal.


The missions we will have to complete to convince the three commanders of our loyalty to the Santa Blanca provide for the release of abducted actresses, the delivery of drugs, the VIP escort, the destruction of specific targets and of course the speed races, even more frenetic by the presence of the boost in almost all cars. Another aspect of the new “Fast & Furious” vision of this expansion lies in the many skill challenges spread throughout the map,

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The price of Narco Road is justified by its rich structure, since in addition to the main missions for each of the three targets we will see the scenario full of secondary activities, just like the original campaign, which will substantially increase the duration of the experience in the in which case we will decide to complete all of them.

We are not talking about particularly varied missions, indeed in some cases we will be faced with rather repetitive situations, but it is the same, identical formula at the base of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, so if you liked the basic game you will only appreciate also this extension of its mechanics.


The big difference, as mentioned in the opening, lies in the fact that we will have to face all of this on our own rather than from a team’s perspective, unless of course you decide to organize with friends or participate in public sessions in cooperative multiplayer.


However we understood: no synchronized shooting, ergo our approach to enemy positions will have to change radically, using here also the drone to mark the guards but then having the task of having to eliminate them, always paying attention to exploit the silencers and to destroy the alarms in order not to create an unseemly disruption among the hostile troops.