Abyss Odyssey

Abyss Odyssey looks fine: fashionable nowadays “modern”, the original design of the monsters, stylish image. And the idea behind the game is interesting enough.

Of course, “bagels” to combat “a fighting game” the system was before, but Abyss Odyssey – it is also a platformer. It is a pity, that in addition to the original ideas have nothing to brag about ACE Team.

To get to the main villain, you need to overcome several levels of the same type, incidentally defeating a couple of mini-bosses.

All locations look about the same: in fact, it is a long tube with very few branches. The procedurally generated world – a double edged sword. Technically, you will never find yourself in the same place twice, but in fact, the elements of which are composed levels, so small that they are virtually nothing from each other do not differ.

Replaced palette, painting scenery, but the essence remains the same. Besides, procedures influenced the leveldizayn – trap scattered very very chaotic: ax to which at all desire not jump, or spikes, of which one can hardly avoid. The game is ruled by ACE Team unpredictability. In all but the combat system.

Before us – a real fighting game. Of course, Abyss Odyssey does not compare with Street Fighter IV, but even the authors admit a large influence of Super Smash Bros – that’s about it eventually turned out.

If you are uncomfortable with the genre, then thrust into the Abyss Odyssey certainly not: the opponents are able to resist anyone who is not too successful in blocking issues, parry and waving legs.

Mini-Bosses attack, without giving rise to his feet, and ordinary monsters kick character or, on the contrary, idly watching the beating of his comrades in the party. No, all the same chance then it permeates everything.

Judge: plunging into the abyss of a nightmare, we gain experience, grow in levels, hoard money and collect a variety of swords, rings and potions. Using a magic (or buying the appropriate items from the merchants) Katra is able to turn into enemies.

Fulfillment of certain conditions unlocks new starting location and other available fighters. All goes well exactly as long as the warrior dies.

Then it will replace the occasional soldier, who may try to run to the altar and to revive the maiden. But if he dies, we take away all: objects, weapons, progress. Leaving only the money but the accumulated levels and abilities. And went to the very beginning of the path.

Review of the Abyss Odyssey.  Game Review - Image 3
Review of the Abyss Odyssey.  Game Review - Image 8

The only way to somehow fix the intermediate result – to find or buy expensive rune from the seller and use it in an appropriate pedestal, turning it into a temporary checkpoint. The service life of a magic toy is small: a couple of deaths and save point disappears. The stones themselves and valuable potions, you would not believe, too, are scattered on the cards at random: in one passage there are none at all, in the other – fall out every third box and gross are bought from merchants. What a surprise Chilean developers to discover that an hour after the release of someone already passed the game, the first time. Of course, to attack Abyss Odyssey can be reused, but something tells me that it is interesting not for everyone.

But even in his dreary monotony of the game is to save the network mode, because jump with a friend (or even a casual companion) on the same platform mirth. Alas. The Abyss Odyssey desire to play with someone punished cruel “friendly fire” in a pair. During the fight alongside fellow better not be – at any time you can get accidentally released a fireball: monsters are sometimes too good dodge the shots. Because the first reports of representatives of ACE Team on the Steam forums look something like this: “We think about preservation”, “we will try to solve the problem of friendly fire».

By the way, in a human to play Abyss Odyssey is possible unless with a gamepad (the PC-version, even without a connected controller section How To Play operates with Buttons for Xbox 360), but also with him sometimes problems arise. In general, the version for all platforms are about the same, the network game may begin to lag both the PC, and on the PS3. Cross-platform multiplayer, unfortunately, no. And given the fact that the PC-version contains additional PVP-mode, it looks more preferable.