Five ways to promote the video game

Suppose you are a video game developer. All of themselves such a unique and unrepeatable. Do you think that your next revolutionary brainchild of the entire market is waiting with bated breath and trembling. But this world is cruel: an unprecedented gameplay and high quality product is often not enough to get everyone’s recognition.

And sometimes it happens and that offensive: of knee hack competitors (in the same genre but they dare rascals plagiarists!!!), They began to create a year later you suddenly falls “into the stream.” In a good way, not what you’re thinking.

All thanks to competent marketing. You only rely on their talent, well and rivals – on advertising. Which, as we know, the motor trade (or progress?) One of the most effective methods of promotion in today’s world of video games – the famous, or simply known streamers and yutubery.

You can, of course, the roll of the suburban buses in the film from the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (true story, bro), but – in the first place – not everyone has this extra money, and secondly, a grandmother who shall see these things the vehicle at the stop “Policlinico №76 “, in no way is your target audience.

Thus, the personalities of the Internet, a blue screen stars, marathon runners of the 21st century. But how to communicate with them? By the way, gamers thinking this stuff may seem too interesting. In the end, do not you curious as to how developers come to us all dearly beloved “independent” yutuberov?

1. Maximum access to information

Some people mistakenly believe that the figures PewDiePie caliber or “slightly” less (Angry Joe, Total Biscuit) are only interested in major AAA projects. Like, Caesar – Caesar. But this is not the case. Postrimit some Uncharted 4 release date – is anyone in vzbredet head, not just the star. But dig a diamond at the bottom of the Steam, GOG or Humble Bundle, collect unreal views and generate discussion – this drive has been really interesting. Even to the largest.

And successfully cut examples are available. For example, Binding of Isaac, who at the beginning of its path almost free to scatter on the PC as shovelware, and now honorably sold even on phones. All thanks to the fact that while this project was accepted very actively to stream.

Therefore, the information is extremely important. If the game is already sold in online stores pages should be designed as much as possible correctly and beautifully. If not – the developer must be available promotional website. In general, a large yutuber needs somewhere to fish and fish for information on Twitter, which you do not update ten months, he obviously will not.

2. cataloged strimingovyh platforms

Not everyone knows how to make sure there is a particular game Twitch. But in reality, everything is simple: the largest strimingovy service regularly synchronizes the database with the Game Bomb, so as not to lead his. There are at Gamebomb – there on Twitch. At the same time, and Twitch has its own functionality, which allows the cover to download the game. Do it better in a couple of weeks before release, well before the first or the Stream.

3. Creating your own program trendsetters

Some people prefer to go along this path. Why all this trouble with a guest star, if it is possible to tame the collective medium-sized streamers, or even a whole army of small? For the developer in this embodiment, there is an obvious advantage: you can not spend a penny.

Enough to place around positions of the early influencer program, ie the program on a set of individuals, opinion leaders, and off we go. Streamers are usually hand out unique in-game items – to feel special. If PR IMO may give pumped characters, so popobol in PvP not worsened review.

Less of this strategy is that the medium and small streamers may never cause the coveted “wave.” Imagine that you are in the water pours human indifference grains of sand, and naively hoping to see the concentric circles. Now, if a plunge to some PewDiePie – is another matter!

4. Spot punches rather than carpet bombardment

Some desperate developers use keys newsletter “shotgun”: services like Keymailer permit to engage in such supposedly targetiruya right audience. In this case – yutuberov. But in practice, the Keys as pellets, often fly those damn-knows where. Even if the code to activate the game really gets to the tape drive, in addition there is serious temptation: it is not associated with any personal commitments, correspondence with the developer was not, and the code can be sold.

In general, after the carpet bombing of developers and publishers often see their keys are not in a live evening youtube, and G2A.

In the US, with a free key issues even more than in the rest of the world. The fact is that in terms of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) code to activate the game as a paid product, is a material incentive. Accordingly, video captured after the activation key that is no longer informative and promotional nature. And are subject to very different – much more stringent – laws.

In this respect, the problems encountered even such giants as Warner Bros., Microsoft and Electronic Arts. Only in these three pillars have the money for the services of the top law firms, and mere mortals – not. So it is better not to experiment. Those who watch the YouTube west, probably noticed: votermark major publishers (same EA) and the prevention of “sponsorship video” began to appear more often. This is all the result of FTC activities.

Keys is better to send a single, after private correspondence, each time specifying the conditions. But even then it is necessary to check the contacts on integrity. The fact that some dishonest streamers do not stop using outrageously cheap services India click-farms and Southeast Asia. If a rising star Yutuba 100 thousand subscribers and a total of 30 views per video -. Something here does not add up.

5. Drifts

Since we are talking about the offense and the informal sector, it is time to promote the most effective type of video game. No SMS, WhatsApp and e-mail address: any spy knows that it is impossible to leave the so-called “paper trail.”

The game is allowed to pass only in a physical copy (say, the drive itself bought it), as an e-mail with the key can also be tracked. All terms and conditions stipulated on the phone. Ideally – in person (and suddenly the media persons suddenly Terminated pravdoruba, and now wants to record a phone conversation and to expose?).

After the transfer of chubby envelope turns out a fair and unbiased video on youtube as a star with three million subscribers go to the store, I bought the disc and now plays in it. These are they working weekdays largest independent media person.