A touching game with a positive message: One Way: The Elevator Review

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Chinese gaming companies are slowly and steadily advancing into the gaming scene. And if earlier our communist brothers preferred to work with horror and casual entertainment, now we are talking about such special categories as leisurely and relaxing adventures.

One Way: The Elevator made in the tradition of cartoon hand-made animation, more typical for a Czech company Amanita Design… In the role of a teenager, you travel through the floors of memories, where sadness and joy are shared by time spans, and you will have to fight for fragments of memory in an intellectual competition with the bizarre inhabitants of the levels.

Each stage is a mini-puzzle where, using logic and environment, you have to help the inhabitant of the staircase become a little happier. You will have to help the astronaut launch a rocket, solve problems for the robot to find lost limbs, hand the octopus a boat, drive an evil bee away from flowers, or help a magician demonstrate a real card miracle. To move to the next floor, you will not only have to solve the current problem, but also find a special sphere that will energize and activate a clearly reasonable elevator.

At the same time, the authors offer an environment rich in details, as well as many secrets and secrets, such as photographs or special plot objects. The protagonist boy himself speaks in a fictitious language, and the local alphabet actually corresponds to the letters of the English layout, which makes the solution to many problems even more obvious. As I noted above, the game is made in a beautiful animation technique, which is still a rarity for the adventure genre.

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