We would like to find consuls in the street as well …
Most of you have probably never heard of these guys, and it’s perfectly normal: they are Brazilian podcasters who have a huge success in their c
ountry. During their broadcasts, they mainly deal with old-age games and nostalgia, which is the best video game possible if not a scottish pastime of the old school? QUB
yte Interactive , the South African development team, must have thought this during the production phase: create a new game with protagonists the characters in Brazil who know well, but full of past games quotes. In particular, there are very clear inside the game references to 
Streets of Rage, one of the greatest exponents of the genre on Mega Drive , both as regards the soundtrack, of high quality, and of the gameplay itself. Given the nature of their transmission, to raise our points we will not collect packets of money, as usual in these games, but … consoles of the old generation; a grain that can not rip a smile to the more nostalgic.
I’ve got 99 problems …
The gameplay is very simple: we can use the key to flip punches and another to kick in combination, to make a special attack that strikes all those close t
o us at the cost of a tiny part of life (ideal for getting rid of enemies that surround us ), plus a key for a super move that can be used when the bar is loaded enough: if only halfway, it will cause substantial damage to the enemies but will only kill the weaker ones if it completely kills all those on screen, except for boss level. Immediate is a
double-cut weapon: the basics of gameplay are all and are solid, but lack the true depth; for example, the absence of special moves can be used only by using specific inputs, always present in the Streets of Rage series . There are 8 levels in total (6 standard + 2 bonus) plus the battle against the final boss that will be activated at the end of the sixth scenario and a total of 11 playable characters (4 available immediately, 7 to be unlocked).
At the end of each level, we will have the opportunity to spend the points (which will serve as a real money) to enhance our character, expanding the duration of one of the two available combo or increasing the effectiveness of our hits. Just like another recent production that has clearly inspired you, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the upgrades are permanent: it means that even pla
ying the game entirely again our character will remain equally powerful. Given the difficulty of the game, even at the normal level, it can be a good strategy to “tune” points in the bonus levels to boost the character in the areas that interest us and, once satisfied, buy enough lives to survive.
The name is a lie
In fact, the game is particularly pretty, you can even leave the pen at the first stage if you do not have the slightest idea of ​​what you are doing, even because we will not have 99 lives as the name suggests, but only 5. The difficulty is particularly high because of one of the features of this product: the enemies we are going to fight often will be organizing to surround ourselves and sometimes they will eve
n be able to block our shots and respond, we do not. In fact, there is no way to go into defensive mode, or some form of dodging; the only solution to getting out of a combo could be to sacrifice a part of life to make a special move, to prevent that lost from
being much more.The same high end bosses are not particularly problematic once they realize their weaknesses: just wait for their most vulnerable moment and hit them in time; they become annoying when they call themselves enemies that are regenerating continuously,
which we can never really release. This is because they will tend to be on the neck at the worst possible times, preventing us from concentrating on the bosses; a problem that will prove to be particularly annoying during the final boss, but avoid adding another at risk of spoilers.