The best out of the house – October

Super Mario Odyssey

His majesty has returned to ten-and-a- half degrees of perfection by stealing Breath of the Wild the most beloved game in history: our Buddybar has expressed itself in excitement, and spending only a couple of hours in the company of the game, you immediately understand the reason.
Super Mario Odyssey is undeniably a Mario in three dimensions as there have been different but at the same time introduces a number of new co
ncepts and allows you to dive under different perspectives without ever losing a bet, starting with the mechanics which allows you to control virtually any enemy encountered during the adventure.
Level design, platforming phases, variety of situations, the brilliance of certain puzzles, and a state of the art audiovisual sector. All this makes Nintendo’s last effort a majestic product, capable not only of selling the console alone but also to redefine the kind of membership as only Nintendo products have been able to do in the past.
As with all Nintendo Switch produ
cts , the fact that it is possible to enjoy such a wonder even away from the living room makes Super Mario Odyssey an even more universal product, removing every excuse for not playing it to everyone Mario knows only for fame.
After Zelda, another, excellent reason to buy the hybrid Nintendo console as soon as possible.
The best out of the house - October

Fire Emblem Warriors

Among the surprises of the month, we can also count as Fire Emblem Warriors , a spin-off on the theme of the renowned turn-key series created by Intelligent Systems.
We, too, told us that “here comes another musou”, given the incredible frequency with which Koei Tecmo takes his hack’n’slash out of Japan’s borders, but this time as well as more than Hyrule Warriors , Omega Force and Team Ninja have packaged a quality product that combines the best of the two reference sagas.
Strategic stories of the originals of the mother saga mix surprisingly well with the fierce dynamics of Warriors’ hack’n’slash, creating an admirable mix that takes on the appearance of a real-time strategist, certainly more vested in action than tactics but I do not mind interesting interesting ideas.
If you then add to the formula of generous doses of fan service, a well-crafted technical compartment and the coveted 30/60 fps selector, this curious hybrid can trace a new start for the long Warriors saga, never too much appreciated in the West .
We have revised the Switch version , certainly the best of the two at the technical level, but also that for New 3DS boasts the same, abundant amount of content and the same, frenetic gameplay.
The best out of the house - October

Chaos; Child

Last seen in the popular visual adventure series named Science Adventure, located in English by Pqube, Chaos; Child has landed on PS4 and Life without too much clamor, only with a tremendously intriguing story and a cast of characters entering the heart as few others.
As with the previous episodes of the same series (if you have not played the two Steins, Gate is always in time to remedy), Chaos; Child starts from scientific bases to venture into science fiction, into the darkest recesses of the human psyche making numerous references to ev
ents preached in the prequel, entitled Chaos Head and never translated by Japanese, is perfectly enjoyable even for those who are just now close to the genre.
What loses in interactivity and dynamism, the Mages product earns it in character characterization, brilliance of interlacing, and, above all, in t
he presence of numerous strokes and as many different finals that the player can determine with his choices in different moments of the game.
If you are avid readers, this product poses as an indispensable purchase as well as many other titles in this amazing 2017.
The best out of the house - October

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Horses of Bowser

And so, as he laughs under his mustache, Mario opens and closes our book for October: although not at Odyssey’s level, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Skansons by Boswer is another excellent cover for the banquet at married theme to which all Nintendo users have been invited.
In the face of those who only play three or four years old games with no unpublished content, lazily limiting themselves to improving some textures, Alpha Dream and the big N add a very enjoyable title, although released in 2003 the second pl
ayable campaign, which turns out to be a bizarre attempt to tell the story from Bowser’s buggy point of view, which for years we jump to the head in the shoes of
one of the two plump hydraulics.
Of course, we are talking about a shorter campaign than the original one (which returns in splendid form, by the way) and is easier to hand
le, but it is a nice addition that goes to impress the already great gaming offer, making the package appealing too who had already completed the original title on his Game Boy Advance trust.
As if the 3DS family console library was not already rich enough, in short.