The Franz Kafka Videogame

The charm of the game derives, as foreseeable, by the amount of unusual situations we will be faced with, impersonating the protagonist of the game. K. After one of the hypnosis sessions he periodically submits to his patients, he receives a


mysterious invitation to will bring it to an unusual adventure. The beautiful game seemed to be, from now on, the unpredictability of situations. Once we accepted that what we saw on the screen was completely meaningless (or m


aybe not?), We faced the adventure with some sense of fun.We can say, in fact, that the title manages to make the player comfortable and the stranger of the first acts leaves room for a pleasantly surprising sense of surprise. Before we pass on the gameplay exam, we have to answer the question that you will probably find yourself imme


diately after learning about such a title: Is there an affinity with the main works of Kafka? The answer is, in some ways, yes. As the developer says, the game is “inspired” to the works of the writer, without however wanting to recalculate the developmen


ts in detail. On the other hand, we allow ourselves to say, want to follow the psychological dynamics of The Process, or the incredible feelings of crudity stemming from the finale of Metamorphosis, would have meant creating a title with absolutely dramatic tones.


The Franz Kafka Videogame , on the other hand, keeps on track always light, even humorous, and never typical of the drama. It is true that those who have read at least the author’s famous novels and tales can easily find more or less obvious meeting points for a story that develops in a consistent way with the whole atmosphere given to the whole. It’s really a shame, we’ll repeat it later, that when the adve


nture was really able to make us comfortable, and get us into the right mental schema, the story ends, for an experience of about 3 hours. The biggest defect in the game is just longevity, considering the almost total absence of replayability. A castle, an insect, a foist, pretty much nothing

The Franz Kafka Videogame

In fact, the game is a fixed-screen puzzle game that can be used by mouse. In this sense, the title points to point and click, though each puzzle is limited to the space of your screen. All is done in a very simple way: after a more or less enigmatic introduction, you will be faced with an enigmatic enigma, whose enigmatic resolution will lead to an enigmatic intermezzo.


A fairly clear ritual, at the center of which are the puzzles. And here the situation is slightly complicated: the dynamics of these challenges change from time to time, sometimes requiring memory, sometimes intuition, and sometimes even thinki


ng of outside the schemes. For example, in some cases, you will need to interact with the environment, and use an object in a certain way,The difficulty of puzzles is always on a fairly acceptable level, though, in a somewhat paradoxical way, the initial challenges seemed to be more complicated than the final ones. Once we becom


e accustomed to the unconventional logic of the challenges, we have felt positive feelings, as opposed to what happened in the first screens, considering that the game does not in any way indicate (rightly) what the hotspots are to click. This perception of pleasure that we have tried for the quarter of the title also stems from the presence of the aid. Let’s Understand The Franz Kafka Vid


eogameis a title that seems tough, but which is basically ready to assist the player clearly. After about one and a half minutes on the same puzzle, at our request the title will be ready to help with a suggestion. After a few seconds, however, there will be a secon


d aid, which this time will spy on the solution in front of our eyes. The presence of this mechanism contributes to making the whole gaming experience really enjoyable, but, as seen above, it stops at the most beautiful, leaving a bit bitter in the mouth. A senseless world, but cute The Franz Kafka Videogame

The Franz Kafka Videogame