52 PC games offer to get for free and forever

All players on the PC were offered absolutely free and forever get more than 50 different games, but on one condition. Representatives of the company officially announced a new campaign Epic games for PC gamers.

As it became known to Gamebomb.ru, representatives of the Epic Games company shared their plans for 2023 for the Epic Games Store game service. The company confirmed that free giveaways of games that lasted all of 2019 will not go anywhere, moreover, now players will have at least one free game every week, that is, in just 2023, players will be able to pick up at least 52 games for free. At the same time, sometimes in the Epic Games Store they also give out collections or a whole selection of several projects for free. In order to participate in weekly promotions, you only need an account in the EGS game service.

Epic Games also reported on the success of the gaming service, launched at the end of 2018. Thus, the number of Epic Games Store users on the PC exceeded 1 million players, and in total, 73 games worth more than $ 1,400 were distributed free of charge since the launch of EGS. Also, the creators of EGS are going to continue the policy of exclusive games for their service, many of which will be temporary exclusives.

Currently, Epic Games Store users can pick up the game for free. Sundered, and from January 16, players are invited to play Horace from 505 games, reports Gamebomb.ru.