Tragedy in Gloomywood
Gloomywood is a mysterious, dreary city, as well as the only setting of the game that will put us in the shoes of former detective Smith, who a few years earlier than the events that we live in person was the victim of an incredible and violent episode: summer and during a campfire out with his family, a fierce and wicked assassin killed his wife and kidnapped his two children. A few years after the events described above, Smith’s life is now on the brink of the abyss when a new series of kidnappings will instill in him the urge and instinct to seek his children while trying to solve the mysterious puzzle of kidnappings. The 2Dark plot it is dramatic, violent and rich in blood; a simple narrative spin that will be able to capture your attention, even thanks to the central game hub, Smith’s apartment, which will act as a great collector of the various clues we will find in the different stages and that will help us to line up events and tragic events, engaging us in a seemingly senseless horror spiral that actually conceals many secrets. The 2D concept and the noir color atmospheres contribute to painting an artistically fascinating picture that makes the violence and eccentricity of the various killers we will encounter on our path to its winning horse . The world of 2Dark it is full of mystery, anxiety, and intricate situations from which to emerge. If you are a fan of thriller, horror and games from the 2D look a bit retro then you will be captured by the aesthetic of the new title developed by Gloomy Wood. The technical side of 2Dark is therefore composed of 2D populated spaces by characters made with the voxel technique, which – like the rest of the game world – do not have much detail but they still make it feel a soul that still has one hit.
Shh, silence!
2Dark’s play structure is a delightful blend of different features derived from many genres, reinterpreted and embedded within a context that is refined, intelligent, and credible. The soul is that of a horror survival, where gathering objects and resources (comforta
bly usable and combining through the inventory that is easy and quick to use) will be crucial to avoid getting in big trouble. The scenarios where we are going to be dark, cramped, and trapped that will kill us instantly, so it’s very important to look right where to put your feet and above all handle the flashlight batteries or the use of the lighter.The stealth approach is sure
ly the one recommended: studying the swords of enemies and deluding them through the silent movements of Smith revealing the true soul of the game, devoted to a studied and intelligent gameplay rather than pure action. Holding guns and knocking down enemies, besides being a little fun, will bring some mechanical problems into
a primitive combat system. We therefore suggest that you devote a few more minutes to the study of the action, perhaps – in some cases – assisted and facilitated by an AI that does not behave in a perfect way, thus facilitating the previously planed plan. The core of the experience is, however, the search and rescue of children, which once they are retrieved inside the stage
will have to be taken care of. In this sense 2Darkit proposes the management of the parts that are not easy to absorb, and above all they are plagued with pitfalls: it will be possible to command the children by means of commands that will give orders to the latter, but obviously will also cause noise in the surrounding environment that may prove fatal. In addition to t
his, there is also a slight ingenuity that leads the little ones sometimes to not follow our movements perfectly, so it will be crucial to move calmly and plan each single detail. The peculiarity of 2Dark is precisely the management of these situations which, by means of an intuitive but sometimes frustrating and “woody” parachute management system, will require you to devote sev
eral minutes to overcome certain situations. 2Dark gameplay is a varied and stimulating experimentation, observation and planning, as well as the stealth approach, which will be the playstyle that can give you more absolute satisfaction.