Forza Horizon 3

This time you have to organize the largest Horizon Festival. At the same time, despite the fact that you – the boss of the festival, the whole tedious chore will your assistant Keira.

You also will only cut on the Australian expanses yes show good results in the races, attracting more and more fans. And more fans – more festival grounds in the region. Yes, and sizes eventually start growing areas.

Fans in ForzaHorizon 3 literally running up to your every sneeze. Quickly sped past the camera? A new group of fans have already tightened!

Beautifully went into a skid at the desired location? Take fresh followers! We made a nice jump from a springboard? Even more fans! They dictate your progress and increase their numbers will bring you closer to the end of “the story” of the game.

On demonstration runs will open with the development of the festival. A total of five: from the pursuit of a helicopter at the very beginning of the game, finishing the race with a train, boat, and God knows what else – you do not want to spoil.

Like I would like to see more, but even in such an amount demonstration races – the main motivator to move on and have for them the game is worth a look.

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Help to understand the ocean of opportunities will be GPS-navigator with artificial intelligence. He rides nearby picks up and gives recommendations, and accompanies the voice prompts throughout the game.

I never thought about it, but the presence of tips in the spirit, “after 200 meters keep right” really makes life a little easier. You can forget about the direction of the arrow on the road, just enjoying the freedom and spectacular panoramas of Australia.


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However, we’ve got a race, and most importantly in the race – car. With them, the game is also a full order – to choose from more than two dozen types of cars, different class: the slow vans level D, to supercars S2.

However, many medium-sized machines can reach out and up to the highest ranks with the help of tuning. So much at least the game does not disappoint on the part of diversity.

If you do not like to dig into the details, then for you in the game is a system of automatic modification that will adjust your machine virtually any level.

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Will compete with “drayvatarami” other players. This collective image of the other riders passing game. They are sorted by level of difficulty, so if you suddenly switch to an average of, say, an expert, and then will meet with a different set of drayvatarov.

What is interesting, they will inhabit the same game world, so if you are at the very end of arrival clipped some villain, then met him on the track you can one-touch to arrange a duel one on one and let off steam.

Terms of races can be yourself different: there are clashes in the style of brands «Ferrari against the Lamborghini” and “movie legend” and “utilitarian cars,” which include a variety of trucks and vans.

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But try different machines here makes sense. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of rally classics, but because Lancia has become for me a real gift – how good it feels on the desert track! Rally – are not your passion? In the game there is a myriad of supercars that will disperse you to incredible speeds. As long as the wheels will be smooth asphalt.

The fact that Forza Horizon 3, though the arcade, but different classes of cars here really managed differently. For example, tiny Ariel Atom feels great on the flat track and obeys the slightest movements of the stick, but it is necessary only for a moment to go over the track, the machine will go into an endless drift. At the same time a giant Ford for extreme rally will pass through ten fences and knock a couple of trees, before its trajectory a little change.

In addition, for more advanced players able to change the pressure in the tires, transmission and distribution of other tweaks. But you can easily drive at all not knowing about their existence.