144 FPS and the absence of Denuvo on PC: New technical features of the long-awaited JRPG Tales of Arise revealed

The PC version of the role-playing game Tales of arise Bandai Namco will not have built-in anti-piracy protection system Denuvothat could potentially harm the performance of the project.

About it in the game thread on the forum Steam told youtuber under the nickname JRPGGaming… There were also published other fresh technical details of the computer port, including support for 144 FPS and controller DualSense from console Playstation 5

Other details of the PC version:

  • Like Scarlet Nexus and every other Bandai Namco game over the past 2 years, Tales of Arise does not use Denuvo’s anti-cheat and DRM protection;
  • The data processing and collection agreement may be rejected;
  • The frame rate limit is adjustable from 60 to 144 FPS. The option “Unlimited” is also provided;
  • You can adjust about a dozen graphics options, including shadows, screen space reflections, glow, blur, anti-aliasing, resolution scale and more;
  • No built-in support for Ultra-Wide monitors;
  • Full compatibility with controllers. Supports on-screen button prompts and vibration on Xbox and DualSense controllers from PlayStation 5;
  • The key layout is fully customizable for both keyboard / mouse and gamepads.

Tales of Arise will be released already 10 September

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