Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS, tried remastered in VR

The affair Konami-Kojima has changed several things in the future of both contenders; the immediate implications we all suffered were reflected in that Metal Gear Solid Vthat did not find its true fulfillment; but taking a closer look at the future you can already see that silent hills from unmistakable charm, also due to Del Toro’s participation that was canceled before it could be expressed.
On both sides now is the time to rebuild, and if Kojima has found bread for his teeth with Death Stranding aided directly by Sony, Konami is still trying to figure out the ways to go. On one side is the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Survive, and on the other there is one of the most interesting announcements of this Tokyo Game Show, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS
Although the initial announcement and the first logo had left hope open for an unpublished chapter, in this case we are faced with a remastering work and Cygames has been given the burden of bringing to the current standards the second chapter of the saga conceived by the mind of Hideo Kojima and the designs of Yoji Shinkawa, released in the far-right 2003 on PlayStation 2. For the current gaming market situation, the two most important standards are the 4K and virtual reality, two technologies that this remasterd puts at the center attention.
At the Tokyo Game Show it was possible to try two distinct demos that highlighted the two characteristics. The first was set in the initial stages of the game, inside a canyon, where he was attacked by a huge swarm of enemies, which once outnumber leaves room for boss fight. Thanks to the extremely fast and dynamic gameplay that already featured the original game and remains unchanged even in this remastered, it was possible to appreciate even more the 60 FPS fixed and granite that gave a feeling of strong movement and dynamism at Jehuty’s road between the enemies.
Every dodgy, every shot led to the transmission of the command input precision that turned into screen action without any uncertainty. In this case the game turned on PlayStation 4 Pro with a 4K output that gave the screen image a particular feeling of cleansing and definition.
However, the base is still the original game, but thanks to excellent design work, excellent cleaning of the new set, the new particle effects and the revised lighting system, the visual impact is great and apparently in step with the times. Exiting from the quick stages of fighting and trying to make flips, it’s easy to find the signs of the past, but with a glance at Cygames’s work can make a forgotten pearl shine again.
Fights in VR
It can not be exaggerated in the same way as the work done on the VR component. According to information currently shared by Konami, in the final game that will be released in the spring of 2018, it will be possible to play the whole experience by wearing the boot, but we do not know how much it will be possible to jump between this and the standard mode, as they have proven to be particularly distant from a technical point of view.
While playing the Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MѕRSRS in reality virtual, the visual is in the first person and you can see the inside of the cokpit, which is in the belly of our mech, so in a rather unusual position. Obviously to reduce the sense of nausea created by the continuous movement of the Jehuty, the camera will remain fixed in front of you, even when the robot will turn itself to hit enemies.
A combination of factors that lead to a clear detachment between the player and the game, thus compromising the key factor in virtual reality that should be the identification. Also from the technical point of view there is a lot to work,